Lost Parakeet Tells Cops His Address

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(Credit: AFP, Jack Guez)

A pet parakeet was brought back home to his owner on Wednesday after the lost bird was able to tell authorities his address, AFP reports.

The parakeet escaped from his owner’s home in the city of Sagamihara, west of Tokyo, and flew free until he eventually landed on the shoulder of a guest staying in a nearby hotel, according to AFP.

The guest then handed the runaway parakeet to local police. The bird did not begin to speak until Tuesday evening, when surprisingly began to say the location of his owners home. He told authorities the names of the city and district, said a spokesman for the north Sagamihara police station.

The bird even went as far as telling authorities his owners block and street number. Police were stunned as they listened to the now talkative bird give a precise location to where he belonged.

A 64-year-old woman, the woman who owns the loquacious parakeet, had previously lost another parakeet when he flew away one evening. She never wanted to lose another bird again and was determined to prevent a repeat, the spokesman told AFP.

“So the owner decided to teach the address to this parakeet after she bought it at a pet shop two years ago,” he said.

“The bird’s name was found to be Piko-chan as it said, ‘You’re pretty, Piko-chan’.”

Piko-chan is also being referred to as the “Genius Parakeet,” and can be heard saying his name in a YouTube video.

Sounds like a really smart bird, hopefully he doesn’t start to relay any information that his owner doesn’t want anyone knowing.

Take a listen to the video, what do you think about Piko-chan’s extraordinary journey home?