Laser Saber Commercial (Video)

Picture 3

Picture 3Star Wars fans are in for a real treat: The long awaited light saber is now on the market. Okay, they’re not actually light sabers, they’re LaserSabers, but that’s pretty close.

“Are you ready to wield the force of the first and only laser saber,” the narrator says in the commercial. “Laser sabers pulsate with the power of the force because they have real force behind them.”

LaserSabers are the world’s most powerful lasers that you can legally own. The commercial warns viewers that they are not toys and if used improperly can have devastating consequences. Sounds pretty close to the real thing here kids. The force is all about balance: good and evil, old and new, powerful and weak.

It features a magnetic gravity system and in order to operate The Spider 3, you must wear shades.

With the help of the LaserSabers, science fiction is now reality!

The video hit the Internet May 4 and has since collected over 700,000 views — almost everyone is intrigued by the LaserSaber, Star Wars geek or not.

The sabers are available on wickedlasers.com for $99.95 and who wouldn’t want one?

You can transform into a Jedi in no time with the help of the LaserSaber. They resemble Luke Skywalker’s light saber so closely that you can’t even tell the difference between the laser and light saber from the commercial.

The YouTube description of the LaserSaber says, “Get ready to wield the world’s first and only LaserSaber! A radiant saber pulsing with laser powered energy. The LaserSaber is energized by the awesome might of the S3 Krypton & Arctic handheld WickedLaser.

Featuring an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system that can “power up” and “power down”, the LaserSaber is the next evolution in harnessing pure laser power.”

Check it out the commercial posted on YouTube and if you do decide to buy a light saber, make sure you use it will caution.