Howard Stern on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ [Video]

Howard Stern on Jimmy Fallon
Howard Stern on Jimmy Fallon (Photo credit: latenightwithjimmyfallon.com)
Howard Stern on Jimmy Fallon
Howard Stern on Jimmy Fallon (Photo credit: latenightwithjimmyfallon.com)

The “King of All Media” took his America’s Got Talent tour to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week.

Howard Stern sat down with the former Saturday Night Live comedian and discussed, among other things, Fallon’s recent interview with President Obama and how the late night host prepared for the mega-interview.

It turns out that Fallon sought help from a number of celebrities including Barbara Walters, Lorne Michaels, Stern and Jay Leno. That last little piece of info didn’t go over too well with the Sirius XM Radio star, who has been a harsh critic of Leno over the years.

But first, Stern explained what went through his mind after receiving a surprise phone call from Fallon, asking for advice for his interview with the leader of the free world.

“Nobody ever calls me,” Stern said on the show. Fallon apparently told the morning radio veteran that he considers him “one of the best interviewers on the planet,” hoping he could offer up some wisdom before Obama’s visit.

“‘Why should I help him,” Stern remembered thinking. “‘Who the hell wants to help Jimmy Fallon, and what’s he worried about? Nobody is going to watch this stupid interview anyway. Who the hell watches this?’”

After mulling it over, Stern decided to assist the late night host.

His first bit of advice for Fallon was this: “You gotta ask President Obama, how big is his penis?”

Cue crowd laughter.

He then offered up some more wisdom: “How often do you have sex with Michelle Obama?”

Fallon never blurted out those questions, explaining, “there’s a couple I skipped over.”

The late night host then revealed that he called Leno for advice, and Howard went off.

“What a mistake,” Howard said.

“Wait a second, you called Jay Leno?” he added. “Jay Leno hasn’t done a good interview ever.”

Fallon felt it was the appropriate thing to do because Leno interviewed the president before.

“And it was so wonderful, that interview Jay did with President Obama,” Stern said sarcastically. “I can’t tell you, the whole country’s been talking about it ever since.”