Schticky Gag Reel Goes Viral (Video)

Picture 20

Picture 20As if the real Schticky commercial wasn’t funny enough, a new gag reel has gone viral recently. The new video features unseen footage and uncensored outtakes that prove hilarious.

“It’s the official Schticky Gag Reel!” reads the YouTube video description.

The new commercial opens with the host introducing his product and going on to explain the variety of uses.

“You can clean your home after a quicky,” says the host while showing a shot of a woman picking up a dirty condom in her cabinet.  He goes on to boast that users can “Clean up after a crime scene,” as well as “Touch small children without using your hands” with the product, too.

One of the best scenes is when a woman wipes her husband’s suit and the host explains, “Give up lint for Lent.” In another funny scene he says “You’re wasting paper rollers, with the Schticky you’ll never have to leave your house to save a tree” before a lumber jack chimes in with “I just love to save some hard wood” as he tackles a yeti.

The commercial also boasts a smaller Schticky for on the go uses. During one scene, a suit-wearing man swipes his shirt with the smaller Schticky, puts it in his pocket and enters a conference room. “Now that I’m clean,” he says in the video, “Who wants to get dirty?” as he rips off his shirt.

Another great quality of the smaller Schticky, according to the commercial, is that you can use it anywhere and with anyone. One scene shows a flight attendant using it on a passenger’s trousers while a man places a small Schticky in a deceased man’s casket.

The real commercial was released in earlier months and was also humorous. In the infomercial, the humorous host promises to pick up almost everything with the product from cat hair to bugs and pennies and  demonstrates this by picking up a huge bug crawling on the wall.

In both commercials, he pokes fun at his own arrest too—He was arrested in Florida after allegedly beating up a prostitute who reportedly stole money from him.

Check it out.