The Sandwich’s 250th Birthday

(Credit: Barry Wong/ Getty Images)
(Credit: Barry Wong/ Getty Images)

Sunday marked the 250th birthday of everyone’s favorite lunch item, the sandwich.

The sandwich was put together by the Earl of Sandwich, so on Sunday the British town of Sandwich reenacted the moment when he decided to create it, The Windsor Star reports.

Actors dressed up in 18th-century costume so they could realistically portray the moment when John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich, who loved to play cards,  “called for a slice of beef between two toasted pieces of bread so that he could carry on gaming uninterrupted,” said a website for the event.

People then began asking for “the same as Sandwich,” according to the legend. And thus the classic bread-based meal as we know it today was born.

The English port town will also be having sandwich-making competition and concerts in order to celebrate the beloved lunch item.

Man who is currently the Earl of Sandwich will be hosting a lunch to commemorate “the fourth Earl of Sandwich who, 250 years ago, had his masterly inspiration in creating the universal fast food the world knows and loves,” a poster said.

“Of all the things we could be remembered for, are we proud of the sandwich? Absolutely. It’s such a global phenomenon, it’s a terrific association,” Mr. Montagu, the current Earl of Sandwich, told The Globe and Mail.

“The sandwich is such a good solution to the problem of how to eat. And I think there’s something about it that takes you back to your childhood – I think it’s the first time that many people get to exert choice in terms of what they like.”

It’s the perfect meal for people who are busy and on the go or who just want to sit back and relax as they eat. What’s your favorite sandwich?