“Night Of My Life” Music Video Released (Video)

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Picture 37Pauly D has officially graduated from “Jersey Shore” and moved on to bigger and better things, like producing hit songs and music videos. Although he will appear on the next season of the MTV show that made him famous, the new “it” DJ has just released a hit song and coordinating music video called “Night Of My Life.”

Pauly D known for his bigger than life personality on “Jersey Shore” has always been known as a Rhode Island DJ but since starring in the reality show, his fame has skyrocketed and his name has been plastered on a plethora of nightclubs across the country who feature his famous spins.

Taking it to the next level, the DJ has released a new song “Night Of My Life” a tribute to his newfound fame and VIP party lifestyle that comes with it. The music video features just that: screaming fans, his travels, DJ gigs, and photo shoots. In one scene, he even shares an image on his phone that shows his song in third place on iTunes. His video is doing similarly well, with almost 1 million views since being posted.

Pauly D is not alone in his music venture, the video and song feature artist Dash who raved about the Rhode Island DJ to Wetpaint.com. “It was an honor working with Pauly! I was glad I got to take part in making a record that represents Pauly D, which is all about having fun and living life to the fullest! That’s what it’s all about!” he said.

While many are enjoying the new Pauly D tunes, naturally with all attention, surely there was bound to be some negative and was one person shared his dislike for the video. Famous DJ Deadmau5 slammed the video calling it cheap. “Well since you asked, i didn’t really enjoy it,” he said and went on to insult Pauly D further admitting that it wasn’t creative and looked like it cost $150 to make.

Does the cheese stand alone? What do you think of the new song and video? Check it out.