‘Cotton Candy Pro’ Goes Viral (Video)

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(Credit: YouTube)

“Cotton Candy Pro” is a new YouTube video that has gone viral with more than 150,000 views in just a few days shows a man making fantastic cotton candy creations while he dances.

The video is described by blackkhawkk, the YouTube user who published the video as, “Amazing street artist shaping cotton candy at Michael Jackson rhytm.”

One of the most “liked” comments, written by dark4krad said, “It was so nice to see him giving away free candy and I liked his performance. :)”

As he’s making a creation, he lets pieces of the cotton candy fly into the air for the little kids surrounding him to grab.

That’s not a bad deal: the guy puts on an awesome show, provides the audience with some tunes and gives away free candy. Is there anything better?

The cotton candy man danced to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us.”

As he slyly moved to the lyrics in the song he created cotton candy creations that looked like they could be pig heads or even a mouse head. He seemed to put extra emphasis into his dance moves when the chorus came on.

“All I wanna say is that. They don’t really care about us. All I wanna say is that. They don’t really care about us.”

It appears like he’s using magic when he takes a few steps away from the cotton candy machine and the airy sweets follow him and his baton wherever they go.

No one can hate on the guy, even people who wanted to find something negative to say about him couldn’t.

“i was gonna write something clever about this guy kids and candy. but this guy is just way to awsome! the best cotton candy maker ever!” Megamagicman20 added.

What do you think about the “Cotton Candy Pro?”