The Book: Charles Henry Miller, Painter of Long Island


22BookCharles Henry Miller, Painter of Long Island
By Geoffrey K. Fleming & Ruth Ann Bramson

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Queens County was still a collection of farming and fishing villages, with the occasional sign of industry—usually in the form of a mill—thrown in. It was here that Long Island painter Charles Henry Miller called home, and where he did his best to record the quickly vanishing landscapes that to him best represented the spirit of his beloved Island.

Miller’s greatest contributions to the art world were twofold—his endless promotion of LI to his fellow artists and his documentation of the changing nature of the Island for future generations.

At a time when urbanization was creeping and then rushing eastward from New York City, Miller set about capturing the quiet ponds, farmhouses, haystacks, and moss-covered mills of a rural Long Island, before they disappeared forever.

This 200-page book includes an exhaustive biography, dozens of color and black & white images, and an extensive bibliography. Of particular note is the inclusion of a number of sketchbook images that have never been published before in their own special section.