Charlize Theron Dishes About ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

Charlize Theron as Ravenna
(Credit: Altfg.com)
(Credit: Altfg.com)

Charlize Theron is arguably one of the best parts of “Snow White and the Huntsman” and she got some time to sit down with Wonderwall’s Chris Gardner to explain how she enjoyed playing the character of Ravenna, Snow White’s evil step mother.

Chris told Charlize that she did an awesome job of playing evil, but Charlize doesn’t take that as a bad thing.

She said, “It’s a compliment and I love it, thank you. As long as it’s playing and you’re not saying, ‘you are.’ Right?” She continues, “That’s the fine line.”

The actress enjoyed playing a character that Chris describes as “evil yet vulnerable.” She said, “I think whenever you can find a story or narrative that has a character with complex and layered emotions it feels meaty. It feels like you can chew that and there’s a lot to chew until you get to the bone. “

Some of the costumes Charlize wore as Ravenna were unforgettable, and she described them as “hugely informative.”

She added, “I’ve realized very early on in my career that I need that. I need those elements and those layers so I know the skin and the fabric that this person is living in.”

Charlize also divulged that she and Kristen Stewert, the actress who played Snow White, got along well. She talked about working on a movie set as “a gypsy life, it’s like joining a circus… You always are hoping that you’ll be around people you’ll get a lot with.”  And in the case of she and Stewart she said, “in this instance we hit it off.”

The award winning actress, who just became a mother for the first time after adopting her son Jackson describes motherhood as “heaven on toast. She also added that “your heart is so filled with love.”

Did you get a chance to see “Snow White and the Hunstman?”