SeaWorld Orlando Baby Flamingos

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SeaWorld Inside Conservation Blog

SeaWorld welcomed its newest additions this past month.

Two baby flamingos recently hatched at SeaWorld in Orlando, causing excitement among SeaWorld employees and visitors alike.

“How adorable is this fluffy flamingo chick that recently hatched at SeaWorld Orlando?” tweeted SeaWorld, while also linking to a picture of one of the flamingo chicks.

Unfortunately, fans won’t have the chance to see the hatchlings just yet, as they’re being kept in an incubator to keep warm and need around-the-clock care. Internet users however, can check up on the flamingo chicks through SeaWorld’s Inside Conservation Blog (insideconservation.com).

According to the blog, the flamingo chicks are being fed a formula high in fat and protein five times a day and at night, and even go home at night with a bird expert.

Pictures of one of the chicks recently went viral and at first glance, one wouldn’t exactly pin this little chick as a flamingo thanks to the white-gray feathers. The mixup may continue for a few more years as the chicks won’t be fully pink until they turn three years old. At around three years old, flamingos acquire the famous coloring from their diet, according to reports.

While the young flamingos are in the care of human handlers at the moment, they will eventually join the other 60 Caribbean flamingos and additional 119 Chilean flamingos at SeaWorld Orlando.