Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized After Crash With Truck

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Associated Press

Actress Lindsay Lohan was reportedly hospitalized Friday after her car collided with a truck in Santa Monica, Calif.

The Merrick-native and her assistant were driving along the Pacific Coast High Way when her Porsche crashed in to an 18 Wheeler, according to reports.

TMZ, which first reported the incident, described the car as “totaled” with the passenger side window shattered and the rear end bumper completely off the car.

While an ambulance was present, Lohan was reportedly taken to a hospital in another car.

Lohan and her assistant suffered minor injuries. Reports say she is fine and that doctors are currently performing tests.

Santa Monica Police said an ongoing investigation is being launched in to the crash.

This is Lindsay’s third car-related incident, following two DUIs in 2007.

Lohan, who has been trying to fix her hectic life and save her damaged career, was recently cast as Liz Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, “Liz and Dick.” Filming started earlier this week in Los Angeles.