‘Miami Cannibal’ Victim Post-Surgery (Photo)

'Miami Cannibal' Victim
(Credit: Miami New Times)

The first post-surgery pictures of ‘Miami Cannibal’ attack victim Ronald Poppo were released during a press conference at Jackson Memorial Hospital, according to Miami New Times.

Click here to see what he looked like before the surgery.

The 65-year-old homeless man has had numerous skin graft surgeries since he was admitted to the hospital on May 26th after “zombie” Rudy Eugene, 31, “ate” nearly eighty percent of Poppo’s face.

Eugene continued to rip off bits of Poppo’s face until officers shot him to death. After being shot once by officers, Eugene reportedly turned around and growled like an animal at officers as pieces of Poppo’s flesh dangled from him teeth.

The nation went into a frenzy, citing that this was the beginning of the “zombie apocalypse,” but after an autopsy on Eugene’s body it was revealed that he never ingested any of Poppo’s flesh. Therefore Eugene was not a zombie nor a cannibal.

Officers also originally believed that Eugene may have been under the influence of “bath salts,” a synthetic drug that leads people’s bodies to overheat and hallucinate. It will still be weeks until the toxicology report can confirm whether or not Eugene had taken “bath salts,” or any other type of hallucinogen.

The “Miami Cannibal’s” victim, Poppo, is reportedly “awake and alert”, according to his doctors at the hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, MNT said. Though he was viciously attacked, doctors also added that Poppo is taking the emotional trauma “remarkably well.”

Poppo is a Miami Heat fan too. When Dr. Nicholas Namias chatted with Poppo this morning, he only had two words that he wanted everyone to know, “Go Heat,” Miami New Times reported.

He will be staying in the hospital for the next few weeks as doctors continue to work on his wounds and try to repair his face as best as they can.