New Macbook Pro 2012

On Monday Apple announced its planned upgrades to all of its notebooks, reported Cabot.

The next generation MacBook Pro unveiled is ultra-thin and described as “the most beautiful computer the company has ever made” by Apple.

The new MacBook Pro sets a new record at .71 inches thin and weighs a miniscule 4.46 pounds.

The defining difference between the MacBook Pro and its competitors is the NVIDIA graphics card. The Pro is the first laptop of its kind to utilize an NVIDIA graphics chip.

The retina display incorporated into the slim Pro is one of its most incredible new features. The 15.4 inch wide screen boasts 2,880×1800 pixels, making it the densest display in the world. The highest resolution recorded until now tops off at 1920×1080, a full HD display used in high-end laptops and HDTVs, News Pakistan reported.

Starting at $2199, the new MacBook Pro will end up costing many people close to $3000 by the time they complete their purchase. That being said, Apple and bloggers alike predict that most people will be eagerly willing to dish out the cash for the “latest and greatest,” according to The Periscope Post.

Apple also announced a few things beyond the release of its new MacBook Pro, according to Investor’s Business Daily, such as enhancements to its Siri design, Facebook integration into its system and Apple map software expected to replace its use of rival “Google” Maps. This was seen as a cross behind Google’s back by Apple.

“We are so proud of these products, as they’re perfect examples of what Apple does best,” said Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, reported The New York Times.