Decked Out: Melville’s Four Food Studio Renovates


24DT FourSidebarGuests are now able to enjoy the summer breeze while sipping cocktails at their favorite hot spot. Four Food Studio has just expanded and introduced The Deck @ Four, a new addition to better accommodate the summer crowd.


“It is only fitting that we remained true to our goal of evolving with the times,” says Anthony Gentile, Director of Marketing at Four. “The Deck @ Four was designed and created to give the total tropical experience providing the perfect summer reprieve for an afternoon cocktail party or dinner and dancing under the stars.”


While Four Food Studio always offered folks a space outdoors, The Deck offers up some stylish changes including fancy wooden decking, granite fire pits, lighting strung overhead, white cushioned seating throughout and sand—yes, sand.


The new area not only offers patrons a bigger outdoor space to mingle with others, dance and drink, it also offers a outdoors spot to dine and a 20-foot rectangular bar fit with an elevated seating platform that doubles as a stage for live performances.


“So whether your enjoying cocktails with friends, dinner with someone special or you’re looking for the perfect place to cater any event or occasion,” says Gentile. “The new Deck @ Four offers a variety of options in a tropical setting that is truly unique.”