‘My Three Sons’ Don Grady Dead at 68 After Battle With Cancer

Don Grady (center) with "My Three Sons" actors. (Associated Press image)

After struggling with cancer for four years, performer Don Grady passed away at age 68. He will be remembered primarily for his work as a childhood star on The Mickey Mouse Club and as brother Robbie on My Three Sons running from 1960 to 1972.

When he first started out, Grady made his debut singing and dancing until recruited by ABC for the family friendly sitcom. According to ABC news, Barry Livingston, who played adopted brother Ernie on “My Three Sons,” called Grady “an inspiration” on his Facebook page.

“Don was the guy we looked up to because he was our big brother,” Livingston also told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. “The lines blur when you’re working with them and living with them so many hours a day. Don was the oldest, so we were emulating him.”

Grady expressed his pride in TV series during an interview on CBS’ The Early Show in 2001.

“I think we did a good show,” he said. “It was a clean show. It was a fun show.”

After his time on television, Grady reportedly focused his attention on making music, an activity that his wife, Ginny, noted was his greatest passion.

He composed tunes featured in various T.V. shows, such as The Kid-A-Littles and the theme song for The Phil Donahue Show, along with an original creation recorded by stars like Herbie Hancock and Della Reese to raise money for the Jazz to End Hunger Project.

Grady leaves behind his mother, wife, son, daughter and a sister.