Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: Warner Brothers Canceling Screenings?

A New York City police officer, center rear, stands in front of a midtown Manhattan movie theater as people line up, right, for a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises," Friday, July 20, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

In response to the midnight shooting at the 16 Century Movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, Warner Bros., the production company behind The Dark Knight Rises, is considering canceling all scheduled screenings of the movie nationwide, according to The Wrap.

Executives met in Hollywood following the shooting and discussed whether the impact of the shooting was cause for canceling screenings for the highly anticipated film. The studio later announced that the movie’s Paris premiere, scheduled for Friday night, would be rescheduled.

An executive, whose did not give his name, told The Wrap that the studio would monitor the situation in Colorado throughout the weekend. Various theaters announced that they would continue to stay updated on the shooting and would be increasing security.

The film premiered on Thursday at Midnight with 3,700 screenings and is scheduled to be released in 4,404 theaters with 332 Imax screenings.

Warner Bros, as a consequence of the shooting, has also pulled the trailer for its next movie, Gangster Squad, which is set for release September 7. The movie reportedly contains a scene featuring 1920s gangsters firing at a screen in a packed movie theater.

It is still not yet known whether the scene in question will be taken out, or minimized.

Warner Bros will release Dark Knight the movie in France July 25.