B-List B-Day: Scott “I Block ‘Em & Play Golf” Baio


Sept. 22, 1960

Scott Baio is a Virgo, a sign known for service, whether it be as a doctor or the family manny.

A kind sign, Virgos are usually good role models.

Baio is known for his guy-next-door roles in Charles in Charge, Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi, and will return to his caregiver roots to play a stay-at-home dad in the new Nick at Nite comedy, See Dad Run, in October.

But the last time we heard from this Brooklyn native, he left his kindness at the door of Twitter, where he ranted about his taxes supporting the lazy good-for-nothings and made some other not-so-kind statements, ending with fiery talkback and death threats from the public and Baio pushing the block button.

So even if his See Dad Run gig doesn’t work out, chances are he’ll still be running from someone.

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