The Pink Slip: Gas Station Gougers

gas3As if it wasn’t bad enough that Superstorm Sandy ripped through Long Island three weeks ago, knocking out power to more than a  million LIPA customers, swallowing an untold number of homes and leading to the deaths of at least a dozen people on Long Island, residents also had to put up with five gas stations in the area that allegedly screwed their customers by price gouging amid a fuel crisis that contributed to the hysteria spawned by the disaster.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says he received hundreds of complaints post-Sandy related to gouging.

What’s more, one station advertised $3.89 per gallon but actually raised the price by a dollar while hundreds of drivers waited on brutal lines just to fill up their tanks.

While many Long Islanders turned to volunteering to assist their neighbors, these merciless scumbags were tasting blood when Sandy hit and  taking advantage of the devastation.

It’s embarrassing. Sickening. Disturbing.

Callous bastards, take your gas and shove it… You’re fired!

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