Our Heroes Night Out Seeks Volunteers To Help Veterans

ourheroesOur Heroes Night Out is a family organization started in 2009. The group honors and supports the homeless veterans living in a facility at the Northport Veterans. Administration by providing programs, evenings of entertainment or nights out on the town.

The idea for Our Heroes Night Out was conceived by Carol Klein also known as MisMatch the Clown, who was hired to entertain the veterans as a balloonist and magician at an event the V. A. was holding. Getting the group warmed up was difficult, so Carol started doing what she loves; that is teaching people how to make balloon creations. The crowd soon warmed to her efforts and before much time elapsed, the veterans were engrossed in making balloon art.

“The evening was so much for the guys and for me and they seemed interested in learning more,” says Klein, “so I called the person who hired me and she connected me with the homeless facility.”

Two weeks later, Carol and her son Garrett, also known as YooHoo the Clown, went to the facility and began what has now become a welcomed and highly appreciated program.

“The veterans living at this homeless facility are amazing,” she continues. “They have all served our country in so many different ways and are now in a tough situation in their lives. They served to keep us safe and it’s my feeling that now it is our turn to support them.”

“Our goal now is to bring as much entertainment or programs to them or takes them out for a night of fun. It’s a small group of guys but their appreciation is huge.”

Klein says the past three years have been very rewarding for her family. They have met so many people who share their feelings about the importance or honoring these well deserving men and women. “We have had so many talented people come share their talents and so many businesses open their doors to provide a fun night out for these veterans,” she says.

To keep the cause going, much help as possible. If you like to bake, cook, can sing, dance or tell jokes, your assistance is needed.  If you own a business or know of one that would open their doors to us or become sponsors for an event, please contact us. If you have an idea to help the group it would be so appreciated.

To find out more about Our Heroes Night Out and to view some photos of some of the events and activities in which the veterans have been involved, visit the group’s website at www.mismatchtheclown.com, click on the “Our Heroes Night” page. To speak to Carol or her husband Mark, call 516 579-6524.