Amityville Tarantula Abandoned, Taken to Santuary

Sufffolk SPCA officers rescued this Tarantula in Amityville.

Suffolk County SPCA officers have rescued a Tarantula that was abandoned in front of a house in Amityville this week.

Amityville village police reported finding the female rose-haired Tarantula at a house on Grand Central Avenue.

Suffolk SPCA officers responded and took the Tarantula to a wildlife sanctuary out of state.

Suffolk SPCA Chief Roy Gross said in a news release that Tarantulas are not the best choice as a pet.

Although all Tarantulas are venomous, few species have been claimed to cause human fatalities. If bitten, some people may suffer a severe, potentially fatal allergic reaction, Gross said.

Before biting, Tarantulas may signal their intention to attack by rearing up into a “threat posture” by spreading and extending their fangs, and—in certain species—making a loud hissing sound, he added.