How Animals Eat Their Food (Video)



Ever think to yourself, “Geez, The Buzz item on the Long Island Press website is getting a bit stale, I had better update it.”?

Side note: Ever write a sentence that starts like the one above and then not know how to punctuate it at the end?

Anyway, ever say to yourself, “Ah man, I need to update that Buzz, but there isn’t anything supremely infantile enough to make me LOL like a 12-year-old during Sex Ed class (or, these days, during actual sex).”? !? 1?^&?

Well, I know how you feel. (Not about the laughing-during-sex-part… well… laughed-AT-during-sex, maybe)...

OK, OK, let’s keep this PG shall we? And by PG, I mean Perfect Go! As in, this buzz is PERFECT for someone who wants a guilty pleasure of something stupid and silly to laugh at so GO watch it!

And here it is.

You may praise me in the comments below.