Letters To The Long Island Press – May ’13


[colored_box color=”grey”]Recreational marijuana should be legal, taxed and regulated.
(NY Medical Marijuana Bill Debated on Long Island,” April 9)
It makes money for the state and localities, and removes generations of hypocrisy and ignorance that allows far, far more harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco to be legally sold.

David Lynch via Facebook

[colored_box color=”blue”]I’m as laid back as the next guy, but this heroin crap has got to stop [“Medford Man High on Heroin in Fatal Crash,” April 19]. Find out where he got it and find out where that person got it and find out where that person got it, put them in jail for attempted murder and any bas#%rd lawyer that tries to keep them out. Save the children and the peoples’ lives they ruin over drug dealers’ rights. Don’t get me started.

Dom Tassone via Facebook[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”grey”]@CJ_Marchello: “Just what we need, more drugs on Long Island.” [“NY Medical Marijuana Bill Debated on Long Island,” April 9]

via Twitter[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]Demoted? [“Nassau Police Aide Gets Community Service for Harassment,” April 11] Frances Colvin should have been dismissed for using the system for personal reasons. The rest of it I could see, as the harassment isn’t much more than you’d normally see in that situation.

Karen Gardiner Miller via Facebook[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”grey”]@shoptiludrop15: “Not even safe in your own home. #scary.” [“Bay Shore Home Invasion Suspects Sought,” April 8]

Via Twitter[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]I knew it! [“DA: Woman Faked Cancer to get Drug Money,” April 10]. I saw Brittany Ozarowski outside of Guinta’s Meat Farms a few months back. She was with an older woman whom she claimed was her mother. They had big mayo jars filled with cash and a long typed letter explaining her plight. I took the letter and read it while shopping. Something was off. There were many typos, and the story was just so outlandish. My gut was screaming at me that this was a scam, but my heart was telling me to stop being cynical. I would have given her a buck, but I honestly didn’t have one, and paid for my groceries with a credit card—a bill which my husband and I work hard to pay…along with our other bills. Funny, but we actually work for what we have. Seriously, this scammer needs to be punished. May God forgive her.

Ann Dorrian Guaglione via Facebook[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”grey”]“The Revolution Will Be Satirized” reads like it was written by the DNC or maybe Barbara Streisand. Aside from the silly attack on Mitt Romney, a man of far more credentials than his radical opponent, the entire piece is dishonest on a number of levels. Lewis Black who happily has attested to his life-long commitment to the Left many times is described as politically neutral, “A comedian who skewers politicians on both sides of the aisle.” Nothing is made of President Barack Obama’s bid to expand the welfare state on a scale never before seen. Only Romney’s comment (a true one, by the way) that half the nation is now living off the other half. Romney’s sin wasn’t about the veracity of his comments but the political incorrectness of it. Which brings us to the ridiculous, sophomoric depiction of Lenny Bruce as a champion of free speech. Huh? Expletives are not speech. They don’t express ideas. If you think the Left supports free speech, try making a politically incorrect statement in the classroom or on an American campus today and see what happens. Careers have been destroyed by the Left over opinions expressed by American citizens, a right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The “comedic activists” mentioned in the piece are all on the political Left. It is a cynical, a snobbish contempt of the reading public to present such a politically biased piece as though it is objective journalism and to glorify left-wing political advocates as if they are merely “comedian activists,” a politically neutral term.

J. Fielding via email[/colored_box]