Baby, There’s a Shark on the Subway

NYC Subway Shark(Sung to the tune of VV Brown’s “Shark in the Water,” in case you didn’t get my extremely clever headline)

Wait. What?

Yes. There was a shark, a real, live, dead shark, found on a New York City subway train.

As Gothamist points out, yes, it’s Shark Week, don’t go making a dumb joke about it.

(What’s going to be funny is when we put this on Facebook, and people won’t actually read the article, but will make that dumb joke on Facebook. Meanwhile, those who don’t make that dumb joke on Facebook, SEE that dumb joke on Facebook and then read the article, will then read this. And we will laugh! And laugh! And laugh!)

Anyway, click here to read all about it at Gothamist.

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