Foreign Comedy-Slash-Magic Is Almost As Cool As ‘MURICAN Comedy-Slash-Magic

Karl Einer Hackner


Remember when I wrote about magic? I did it a couple times, because it’s easy and sometimes I’m lazy.

Well, it’s been a while, and I’m lazy, so guess what?

Yes. Magic. But it was a rhetorical question.

Here’s a guy, Karl Einer Hackner Housen Shousen Weiner Whacker… Something or other.

He’s from Sweden where the women are amazing and the guys are apparently weird which either means we should go and we’d easily hook up with some Swedish women because we’re not weird, or we wouldn’t because we’re not weird enough.

Something to consider.

Anyway, Karl is actually is more of a comedian. But there’s magic involved. Sort of.

Oh, just watch it. We’ve long ago established no one reads these write-ups anyway…