Like many caffeine junkies, Keurig’s single-serve coffee machines eventually found their way into my heart. Shopping for K-Cups became routine. It seemed there was an endless supply of roasts from around the globe to try. But, at some point, the cost began to add up and the selection was exhausted. And short of replacing the Keurig with a traditional coffeemaker, there’s no way to leave the K-Cup club once a member. That’s where the My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter came in. The options are limitless once again. Found some must-try, fresh-ground beans to brew at home? No need to break out the old coffee machine and make a whole pot, just fill up the reusable K-Cup, hit brew and slurp down some wake-up juice. Amazing this simple device is not more widely known.




No apple cider I’ve ever had quenches my thirst like Richters. It’s the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness with just the right proportion of liquid so that every sip has a crisp hint of autumn. The apple groves are up on a rolling hillside off Pulaski Road in Northport and the mill is in a barn to the side. When my sons were very little, I used to drive up there to enjoy the view of eastern Suffolk while they napped in their car seats and I munched on a fresh-picked Macoun and washed it down with a swig of cool cider. Now that’s bliss you can taste.




Those with an unhealthy television obsession like myself undoubtedly know about the gains Netflix has made since bursting upon the scene several years ago. Netflix no longer relies on just deals with TV and movie studios to populate its streaming service. It is now investing in its own original content, the most notable being Emmy-nominated House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey as Rep. Francis Underwood, a conniving lawmaker with a thirst for power. Netflix quickly found success with another original, too, Orange is the New Black, chronicling the life of a married-woman-to-be whose past relationship with her drug-dealing girlfriend got her a 15-month prison sentence. Sucks for her, but great news for the rest of us. We feel like we’re locked in the slammer with her, trying to lift her spirits along the way. Like the rest of Netflix Originals’ lineup, this dramedy is worth binging on. 




Imagine waking up one morning to discover every single Bob Dylan album ever recorded sitting there, waiting for you, at the foot of your bed. Which would you rock out to first? His 1962 self-titled debut? A lil’ Freewheelin’ action, perhaps? Some Blonde on Blonde? Containing every full-length studio and live release in Dylan’s official Columbia Records canon, including two discs of non-album singles, B-sides and assorted other rarities—spanning more than 50 years—this is the mother lode, my dear friends, the must-have, definitive set. This beast drops as a CD box set and limited-number edition harmonica-shaped USB Nov. 5 and sets the table for Vol. Two, slated for release next year. That monster will include the entire Bootleg Series! This is a real-life “Bob Dylan’s Dream”-come true. (Leopard-skin pill-box hat not included, unfortunately.)

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