Old Westbury Man Killed in Miami Boat Crash

A 23-year-old Old Westbury man was reportedly among four killed in a Miami boat crash that injured eight others following a Fourth of July fireworks show.

Jason Soleimani was the only one killed on a 36–foot boat that a 32-foot vessel crashed into in Biscayne Bay at 10:45 p.m. Friday, The Associated Press reported.

The three others, 23-year-old Andrew Garcia, 20-year-old Victoria Dempsey and 24-year-old Kelsie Karpiak, all from Miami, were on the first boat, AP reported.

The first boat also hit a third vessel after the first boat’s captain was thrown overboard, but there was only one minor injury reported on the third boat.

Authorities told reporters that the crash occurred at a time when hundreds of boats were rushing toward Dinner Key Marina to be the first to get out of the water following the fireworks show.