Travel Diary: “The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado / Hunter Mountain Hop”

NY Auto Giant
A winter excursion up to Hunter Mountain in your brand-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado from NY Auto Giant is just what the doctor ordered! (Photo: huntermtn.com)
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For those of us whose entire year revolves around the wet, chilly, wintery mixes that call forth ski boots and snowboard gear like a siren song across the warmer months, this time of year is cause to celebrate, for the winter holidays beckon. That feeling you recognize in the depths of your belly—it’s a tingle, it’s a calling—is ski season.

It’s up to you to answer.

Long Island living is rife with advantages. In the summers, we have beaches. In the fall, harvest festivals abound from the lush wineries that dot our North Shore. For the rest of the year, New York City sits like the sparkling jewel she is, ready for the excitement of a night out, the opulence of the restaurant scene, or the spectacle of Broadway.

However, in the winter months, upstate New York shines brightest; the ski-slope encrusted faces of the mountains bring tourists and adventurers from all over the world. Lucky for us, the Hunter Mountain slopes are just a drive away.

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You’re going to need some rugged mountain wheels to take you up there. The 2015 all-new Chevrolet Colorado is the perfect vehicle to take you up, up, up into those fabled mountains. Sleek, but gritty, this rugged mid-size truck is efficient, safe, and versatile. With a formidable V6 engine that provides best-in-class towing and payload, you’d be surprised at how quiet the interior is. With advanced technology options and upgraded safety features, like Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning—this is the truck to carry you through the winter months.

After your upstate trek to Hunter, you can hole-up, slope-side at the Kaatskill Mountain Club, which offers ski-in, ski-out privileges, full kitchens, and fireplaces, amongst other amenities. You can choose from spacious studios, to one-, tw0-, or three-bedroom suites or upgrade to executive or penthouse suites for some upscale fun.

If bed and breakfast accommodations are more your thing, check out the cozy B&B called “Beds on Clouds.” Couldn’t imagine anything more welcoming after a kick-ass day skiing, could you? Besides the heavenly sleeping arrangements, you will wake up in this restored 1854 Victorian home, complete with private bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and filtered water throughout, to organic fluffy homemade omelets to order. And coffee, of course. You’ll need some coffee. We all do.

Hungry? Last Chance Antiques and Cheese Café is one place you cannot miss while you’re up there. This cheese stop and restaurant is quintessential mountain town cuisine with the ambiance you drove up here for. From sumptuous concoctions like their Portobello Mushroom and Garlic Goat Cheese Sandwich to their French Onion Soup and Fondue, this place will fill your belly and warm your soul. Order an egg cream while you’re there. You’re on vacation.

Polar vortex,” you say? “Wintery mix?” Is the weatherman calling for 3-to-6 inches of snow in New York?

Bring. It. On.

To get in a new 2015 Chevy Colorado of your own, call Ronnie DeTommaso of Atlantic Cadillac and Chevrolet of Huntington or Bay Shore.

(PS – Is the title of this piece a poorly veiled Led Zeppelin reference? Why yes! Yes, of course!)

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