East Moriches Man Pleads Guilty to Rape

Patrick O'Sullivan
Patrick O’Sullivan

An East Moriches man admitted Thursday to raping a woman who he tied up at gunpoint while the victim was house sitting a Stony Brook home and then trying to have the victim killed so she couldn’t testify against him.

Patrick O’Sullivan pleaded guilty at Suffolk County court to first-degree rape, criminal sexual act, burglary, sexual abuse and conspiracy.
The conspiracy charge stemmed from O’Sullivan’s attempt—while incarcerated in county jail—to hire a hit man to kill the victim and another person he believed would testify against him, authorities said. The person he contacted alerted authorities.

“The DA needs a crying bitch [to] really get a conviction, right?”  O’Sullivan wrote in one of the letters to the informant that prosecutors released to the media. The informant wrote back: “Yeah, without her no one can say you were there when it happened.”

Prosecutors said the 23-year-old wore a mask and carried a loaded rifle when he entered the house through an unlocked door, fired his weapon twice and restrained her with duct tape before sexually assaulting her on the night of Nov. 20, 2012. After his arrest, he thought he could make the case go away by having the witnesses killed.

“After you kill the witness, bury the witness so that after the case against me collapses and I get out of jail, I can dig the body up, cut his head off and mail it to his family for the holidays,” he also wrote to the informant, prosecutors have said.

O’Sullivan is expected to be sentenced April 2 to 25 years in prison and a permanent order of protection will be issued for him to stay away from the victim.