7 Questions With Creedence Clearwater Revisted Bassist Stu Cook

Stu Cook
Stu Cook, bassist for Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

By Michael Harris

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After their years of success in the 1960s and early ’70s with the legendary classic rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug “Cosmo” Clifford regrouped as Creedence Clearwater Revisited 21 years ago. On June 26, their current world tour will take them to The Paramount theater in Huntington, where they’ll play original CCR hits such as “Born on the Bayou,” “Bad Moon Rising” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” Ahead of the show, Cook sat down with the Press to talk about his inspiration and his favorite album.

Long Island Press: How did you get started in music?
Stu Cook: I come from a musical family. My dad was a horn player; my mom was a keyboard player. There were always people playing music and instruments in the house, so I kind of grew up with music.

LIP: What was your earliest musical moment?
SC: Probably the most important musical memory that I can remember is one year my folks got me and my brother tickets to see Ray Charles. We got them as a Christmas present, and I remember that as sort of a turning point. The songs on the record “What I Say” were one of the first things I learned to play on the piano.

LIP: Besides Ray Charles, is there any one group or person who inspired you guys?
SC: For me, that kind of gave me inspiration to be a musician. That just kind of clicked for me when I was like 12 or 13 when I had that experience. Later on, I would have to say one of the most influential bands for all of us in Creedence was Booker T and the MGs.

LIP: Is there any musician today you really admire?
SC: I think Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age are absolute monsters. Like Clockwork, the last album they put out a few years ago now—time does fly—that’s one of my most listened albums. I like the Foo Fighters; they’re about my two most enjoyable to listen to artists in the last 10 years.

LIP: What is your favorite musical venue?
SC: I like Mountain Winery in Saratoga (California); that’s a nice venue. We played last night at Motor City Casino in Detroit. It is a super room to play in. Great stage, whole room set up great for sounds and lights.

LIP: On June 26 you guys are going to be playing at the Paramount in Huntington…
SC: You know what, that is a great room, that building has some history. I remember playing there last year. It was a very enjoyable experience. Usually when we are in that part of the woods, we play in places like Westbury, but I liked playing the Paramount a lot more. I like those old theatre rooms.

LIP: Anything else you’d like to say to Long Island?
SC: We are really looking forward to coming back. We had a great time last year. This is going to be Cosmo’s first time. He was recovering from a surgical procedure last time when we played there last year. We had another drummer with us, but I know he is going love it there. We are going to have a great time. Everyone was surprised last year so this year won’t be as much of a surprise, but it will be a bit more like coming home.