Bethpage Best of Long Island Nominees Announced – Voting Opens Oct. 1

Bethpage Best of Long Island

The voting period for the annual Bethpage Best of Long Island Awards Program is officially open Oct. 1!

This year there were a record number of business nominated for the Bethpage Best of L.I. program–58,499 to be exact. Of these, the top 15 nominees have advanced to the official ballot, so . . . Now’s your time to help them win!

From October 1 to December 15, voting is open for the Bethpage Best of L.I. program at BestOf.LongIslandPress.com. During this 75-day window everyone can vote for whatever local store, restaurant, business or personality they feel should hold a “Bethpage Best of L.I.” title.

There is only one place on the podium in each category… FIRST PLACE.

Whoever receives the largest number of votes in each category will be declared the “Best Of Long Island.” There is no second or third place. If applicable, a National Winner will be selected, but only if they receive the most votes in that category.

This year all voters will be required to register with their email address, which provides another way to ensure that the voting is as fair as possible.

You are allowed one vote per IP address per day for each category. These categories are in sections such as Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Nightlife & Spirits, Health & Wellness, Restaurants, and many others, to make it easy to find a specific place you’re looking for.

Voting for the Bethpage Best of L.I. is a great way to support the local businesses you frequent. Long Islanders cherish the value of this annual competition and the importance of being named the “BEST of L.I.” 2017 will be distinguished by a new group of annual winners.

So don’t delay, VOTE TODAY (and every day)!

If you have any questions, email [email protected] or call (516) 962-3700. If you’re a business owner and want to see if you made the ballot, simply go to BestOf.LongIslandPress.com/voting-open.

Good luck!