Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for May 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – you’ll make a big hit with a superior who appreciates ambitious people. You’ll realize what works and what can lead others in a more practical direction. Money and prestige are on the way—do a good job now. Capricorn and Cancer people figure prominently.

Taurus – focus on clearing up difficult situations in work or health. The key is to keep your mind on the big picture and avoid petty or limiting circumstances. A generous gesture will spread joy to those around you and reflect on you.

Gemini – the spotlight is on a new start in your partnership affairs. Someone you work with fascinates you. You’ll want to share new ideas, including creative and romantic thoughts. Don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd; the general public is looking to you for leadership.

Cancer – now is the time to trust your intuition rather than direct action. Do more listening than talking, particularly in dealing with the public. Someone will stand up for you; be willing to take advice. Non-conformity is out of place right now.

Leo – you’ll be eager for travel and new information. Don’t plunge recklessly into a new endeavor; play the waiting game until you see where your partner, mate or associate is headed. Your sense of humor and ability to laugh at your own foibles can save the month. Gemini plays a key role.

Virgo – dig deep for the details where money is concerned. Stick to the rules and regulations; your desire to go off on a tangent could only bring chaos. Your inventive mind will see a clear way to overcome a major obstacle. Don’t delegate work.

Libra – serious conversation leads to deeper commitment. Don’t expect the staus quo; you’ll hear a revelation that lets you make important changes in your love life. In the work world, gain can be made through the written word. Gemini and Virgo play major roles.

Scorpio – your partner’s money helps you accomplish your aims. Expand your views and fields of interest; publishing, advertising and teaching are valid professional goals. Family influence plays a key role in getting you what you want. Check with a Libra for information.

Sagittarius – this month’s emphasis is on spiritual values and on your philosophy of life. Mystical interests can be pursued to your benefit. You may want to get away from it all and seek a quiet retreat. Keep your personal views to yourself; it is not time to broadcast them. Ask a Pisces about it.

Capricorn – the spotlight is on your ambition and professional projects. A reasonable responsible attitude helps you reach long-range goals. Tell a high-level executive you want further job training. Organize your material; show power—don’t depend on your inspiration this month.

Aquarius – the accent is on your career, social status and increased recognition. Accept honors graciously. You’ll complete an important project and go onto one of an even wider scope. Success depends on your ability to see a universal view point and reach the masses. Aries leads the way.

Pisces – avoid a conflict with an authority figure. You’ll have definite new ideas, plans, and a strong mind of your own. Focus on your imagination, creativity and new start in a new direction. A Leo will be impressed by your inventive mind.


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