Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for July 2017

Horoscopes 2017

Aries – Jupiter opposite natal Sun – someone who arrives from a distance plays a vital role in your personal affairs. There’s a new sense of gaiety and celebration around your home. Take special care with your appearance – your clothes, styles, colors. Sagittarius and Gemini people are in the picture.

Taurus – ruling planet in the 2nd house – clear up financial details early in the month. Later, you’ll be able to lay long-range plans for travel, education, teaching or publishing. Disciplined fields of study will appeal to you; you’ll be intrigued with the organization of material. An Aquarian plays a role.

Gemini – Venus conjunct natal Sun – you’ll feel more free, especially where an affair of the heart is concerned. The pace of your life becomes more rapid and exciting, with a change for a trip to a local point of interest. Make room for love, entertainment and recreation in your schedule. Another Gemini plays a key role.

Cancer – during your Solar return, a feeling of expansion grows. You’ll break away from old conditions and explore new ideas and philosophies. There is much information you can share with a wide audience – don’t hold the facts back. A fascinating stranger is in the picture.

Leo – Mercury conjunct natal Sun – greater cooperation and tact will calm down a co-worker who is feeling grouchy. Be willing to take on an increased work load but don’t let another impose too much on your good nature. A show of encouragement and affection melts the opposition.

Virgo – ruling planet in the 12th house – you’ll pull the strings from behind the scenes. Someone else may get the credit for your work but you may not wish for personal publicity at this time. A career that deals with glamour, illusion, film or health institutions are favored.

Libra – Jupiter conjunct natal Sun- a relative is restless to make a move to a new location. Investigate opportunities at a distance – or be willing to make big changes in your present home. Your cultural interests are highlighted; a visit to a museum, gallery or concert will please a loved one.

Scorpio – ruling planet in the 3rd house -you’ll travel and investigate to get to the bottom of a mystery. Let someone else handle the details especially where money or possession are concerned. You won’t have patience with small matters. An occult subject is intriguing.

Sagittarius – Saturn conjunct natal Sun – follow your hunches about love or a physical attraction. You’ll be inclined to take a passive role drawing someone to you. A sentimental talk about the past is on this months agenda. So is old music and memories of another day and time. Share them with a Cancer.

Capricorn – Pluto conjunct natal Sun – you’ll feel a call of responsibility and duty. A loved one is especially desirous of your aid and wants you to prove your affection through applied effort. You’re building the foundation for future happiness. Don’t run off and desert your obligations now.  

Aquarius – ruling planet in the 3rd house – an aura of mystery surrounds the employment scene. You’ll wonder where you stand and may succumb to unnecessary self-doubts. Focus on spiritual and artistic values instead. Be ready to inspire others with your faith, trust and devotion. Pisces play a vital role.

Pisces – Neptune conjunct natal Sun – a conflict arises between your independent streak and the security of long-term association. It’s all right to be more selfish about your rights and desires, but keep them in balance. Use our creativity to help you envision a brand new way to relate.

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