10 Most Annoying People at The Beach

The beaches of Long Island are great for relaxing, soaking up the sun and having some peace and quiet to yourself. It is the perfect getaway… if you’re not surrounded by these types of beach goers.

music10. Teens blasting music.
You feel bad asking them to turn their blasting music down, but you are trying to relaxing beach nap after all…

crowded beach9. People that sit right next to you when the beach is empty.
There is a whole stretch of beach, why do you have to sit right on top of me?

kicking sand8. People who kick sand in your face.
Nothing is worse than people who aren’t aware that sand it flying into your eyes.

litter7. Litterbugs.
Stop littering on the beach! Besides it harming wildlife and the environment, it hurts to step barefoot on garbage hidden under sand!

seagulls6. People who feed the seagulls.
You give one piece of bread to a bird, and now a whole flock of hungry seagulls are surrounding you.

football5. People who play football right next to you.
Hearing “Heads Up!” every five seconds gets old. Very. Quickly.

talking4. The friends next to you that won’t stop gossiping.
You’ll know their whole life story by the time you’re both packed up and ready to head home.

selfie3. People who take loads of pictures.
You’re always afraid you’re going to get in the background of their photos. Capturing me on camera in this bikini? No thanks!

drinking2. Belligerently drunk party people.
Don’t you know alcohol is illegal at many beaches? And you’re still going to drink all day?

child at beach1. Parents that let their kids cry the whole time.
Once again, you are trying to nap… maybe you just need to move a few feet over… nope. You can still hear them.