Top 10 Differences Between the North and South Shores of Long Island

As Billy Joel once famously said, “either you date a rich girl from the North Shore, or a cool girl from the South Shore.”

Long Island’s cultural divide is an age-old division between old and new money, Old World refinery and gauche ostentatiousness—and that’s just among the wealthy Long Islanders. Then there’s the economic divide that informs everything from music preferences to life experiences, although we live just miles apart.

With that in mind, here are the Top 10 Differences between the North Shore (NS) and the South Shore (SS) of Long Island:

10. North Shore people put the emphasis on the NANCE part of finance. South Shore people concentrate on the FI. talkingEx.: “I’m studying fiNANCE at Stanford in the fall.” (NS)

“I’m gonna call up my mortgage guy to reFInance this place.” (SS)

9. Blue blazers and khakis are the style of choice for North Shore males, while jeans and hoodies are the casual go-to for South Shore guys. rsz 1male 1160203 1920

Starting from when the North Shore guys outgrow their Brooks Brothers booties.

8. Tricked out BMW 300-series (SS) bentley

vs. un-tricked out Bentleys (NS).

7. Wine from bottle (NS) box of wine

vs. wine from a box (SS)

6. Need a cup of sugar or an egg? South Shore folks can ask the neighbors on either side of them.  gates

North Shore folks might have to drive through multiple guarded gates to meet those who live adjacent.

5. Youngsters brought up on Mozart and Beethoven vs. rap and rock. Billy Joel

But we’re all raised on Billy Joel.

4. French fries with brown gravy and mozzarella cheese at the local diner (SS) Cheese Fries

vs. Pomme Frites (NS)

3. Aged scotch (NS) coors

vs. Coors Light (SS)

2. McMansions of obnoxious square footage, facades of stone, plaster and vinyl (together) with columns on small plots of land (SS) 

New Oheka arial shot
Oheka Castle

vs. Actual mansions, complete with tennis courts, guest houses, English gardens and copious acreage overlooking the Long Island Sound.

1. Gatsby  giphy facebook s

vs. JWOW 

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