Dog in Shelter Since 2013 Among Long Island Pets Seeking Homes


Two dogs and a cat is this week’s theme for sweet adoptable animals waiting for their forever homes. Read all about Tango, Rufus and Cookie and how to bring them home with you today!

As sweet as her name, Cookie is the longest resident at The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. Cookie has been waiting for her forever home since Aug. 31, 2013. This sweet 7-year-old beauty came to the shelter as a stray after the owner skipped town and left Cookie on the street.

Thankfully, the neighbors knew her, and called the shelter right away. Cookie spent the next three years in the shelter, just hoping and praying she would be noticed by an adopter, but that never happened. What did happen though, is that a staff member decided to bring Cookie into their home to foster, while the search for her forever home continues.

Cookie has now been in foster care since November 2016, and is reportedly an amazing house guest. Not only is Cookie 100 percent house trained, but she is also quite comfy in her crate, loves to run around the yard, loves to play with toys, and takes treats super gently. Cookie loves all people who visit the home, she is super smart and listens very well…did I mention she is the most amazing kisser and cuddler?

Cookie has dog siblings right now, and although her fosters are taking it very slow, so far, so good! Cookie could either live as a solo dog, or maybe with one, laid back dog. Cookie’s ideal home would be with savvy dog parents, who will love her, cherish her and keep her safe.


If you are interested, call 516-785-5220, visit 3320 Beltagh Ave. in Wantagh or email [email protected] 

This gorgeous 5-month-old gray-and-white kitten is Tango, who happens to be one of the most gentle and loving kittens. He also happens to be FIV positive.

Take note: FIV is a cat-only disease. It cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines. FIV is spread through serious, deeply penetrating bite wounds. The type of bite wound that is seen in feral unneutered cats. An infected mother may also infect her kittens while they are in her womb. FIV cannot be spread casually between cats, such as in water or food bowls, or in litter boxes.

Cuddling, playing and other forms of casual physical contact do not spread the virus. FIV itself does not shorten a cat’s life-span. Because FIV affects a cat’s immune system it can be more difficult for an FIV positive cat to fight off infections. Otherwise, FIV positive cats are no different from other cats, often living long, healthy lives.


Don’t let the FIV diagnosis stop you from bringing home this affectionate and loving kitty. Tango needs someone to open their heart and adopt him before he grows up in a cage. For more information, check out his webpage at lasthopeanimalrescue.org 

Up next is the amazing Rufus! He came to New York from North Carolina, where he was found lost in the woods in awful shape. Rufus was fixed up and rescued by an amazing New York-based organization known as Rescue Dogs Rock. All seemed on the up-and-up for Rufus until he wound up in the care of a not-so-nice trainer ultimately accused of animal cruelty.

Thankfully, early last year little Rufus found his way into a wonderful foster home, where he continues to receive the love and proper training he so desperately deserves. This foster care has turned Rufus into the most lovable, laid back sidekick a human could ask for.

Rufus is about 3-4 years old and weighs 30-40 pounds. If adopted, Rufus needs slow introductions to other dogs and he does seem a little uneasy around cats. As per his current foster, favorite activities include having fun with squeaky toys and “cuddling up at the end of a bed with his cute little butt wiggling when you come home.”

Who needs more than that? For information on adopting Rufus, please contact his current foster, Daisy, at 718-663-1737 or email her [email protected]

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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