9 Instagram-Worthy Spots on Long Island 

Using Instagram can be fun, but posting the same types of pictures over and over can get boring. Whether using Instagram for business, to showcase your artwork, or to stay in touch with friends, check out some of these unique, photogenic places on Long Island where you can snap the perfect shot.

9. Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Kings Park

Kings park by
Kings park by @alexandra_helene.

This abandoned Psychiatric Center open from 1885 to 1996 is said to be haunted by the spirits of those who died there. Fun fact about Kings Park: the staff made patients feed live stock and work on a farm for therapy. If you’re looking for a spot to do an edgy photoshoot or take urban-esque photos, then check out this hidden spot.

8. Sunflower Fields, Mattituck

sunflower fields by@juliavisaggio
sunflower fields [email protected]

There’s nothing like a nice sunflower field to brighten up your Instagram feed. There are always sunflower fields out east, like this one off of Pike Street in Mattituck. Sunflower fields are the best for spring or summer trips.

7. Jones Beach, Wantagh

jones beach by @amarks
jones beach by @amarks_

Jones Beach has always been a popular Long Island photography spot year-round, whether it be for weddings, Christmas cards or graduation ceremonies. You can almost always find someone with a camera or cell phone pointed toward a Jones Beach sunset. 

6. Montauk Lighthouse, Montauk


When you think of Long Island, you think of lighthouses and nautical vibes. The Montauk Lighthouse is a perfect spot for taking photos between the rocks. With awesome sunsets and view of the ocean, it’s hard to find an angle that doesn’t work here. 

5. Avalon Park and Reserve, Stony Brook

avalon by @es dee bee
avalon by @es_dee_bee

If you’re more of an outdoorsy type and willing to trade in your flip flops for hiking boots then Avalon Park and Reserve is a good place to go. From their walking trails to ponds, you can take a picture solid enough to land you on the Instagram Discover page.

4. Sunken Forest, Fire Island

sunken forest by @fortynorthapparel
sunken forest by @fortynorthapparel

The Sunken Forest on Fire Island is a hidden gem. You can go in the summer to chill by the beach and take photos in the sand, or checkout the walkways with one of the world’s only maritime holly forests.

3. Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve, Merrick

Norman J by @lauren.carbone
Norman J by @lauren.carbone

The Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve in Merrick has a great nature trail where you can take pics of geese and birds while walking through nature. The entire trail is seven miles long. 

2. Seventh Street, Garden City
If you’re looking for a romantic dinner-date spot or pretty lights, check out Seventh street in Garden City at night for a good photo-op. Not only are there strings of  lights on all of the trees along the street, but a lot of the restaurants have a certain ambience that looks great with an Instagram filter. 

1. Lavender by the Bay, East Marion

lavender by @lavenderbythebay
lavender by @lavenderbythebay

Drive up to East Marion and find yourself lost in a sea of lavender plants at Lavender by the Bay. This field is perfect for dream-like photo shoots, wedding photos or family pictures.