Worthy.com: Helping Divorcees Help Themselves

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When the happily ever after doesn’t always work out, there is Worthy.com.

The online auction house for pre-owned diamonds and estate jewelry helps divorced women get a fresh start in a safe, transparent environment , through the sale of their unwanted jewelry. Earlier this year, Worthy teamed up with the CDC® community with the goal of empowering women on Long Island and nationwide to move toward financial independence post-divorce.

“Worthy is about helping women achieve their best, to be in control, make their own decisions and know their true worth,” says Judy Herbst, Worthy Director of PR & Partnerships. “It seemed natural to reach out to this amazing group of certified divorce coaches and work with these women across the country who are helping others.”

Angela Ianuale Shanerman, of East Northport, went through her own lengthy divorce. Like many women, she left her well-paying job years ago to raise her family and was financially dependent on her spouse. Once divorce struck, she had to start all over again.

“It took six years to get divorced,” says the mother of three. “It was emotional, fear-based and deeply personal.”

In 2015, after her divorce became final, Shanerman got her groove back. She is now a certified divorce coach  with her own practice,  helping women gain confidence and the clarity they need to move forward.

“I want to impact change,” she says. “If someone is stuck in that quicksand I can grab their hand and pull them out,  giving them the support they need.”

In a recent survey Worthy conducted, 64 percent of divorced women do not realize that their diamond ring is an asset, explains Herbst.

“Rather than feeling humiliated walking ‘the street,’ sellers can view their live auctions on their mobile phones from the privacy of their own home,  seeing multiple competitive bids come in,” Herbst says. “We are a global marketplace and our business community is made up of diamond buyers, independent retailers, and designers.  The sellers are women looking for a smart, easy and safe place to sell their engagement ring.

“Like our tagline says, ‘You don’t need a diamond to shine,’” she adds. “It truly resonates and is a mantra we all support.”

Christine Smith, of Dix Hills, attended the Rebooting Your Career workshop  in April led by Shanerman. Smith, separated  since 2016 and currently in divorce mediation, has been working part-time as a professional musician and music teacher, trying  to figure it all out.

“My income is not very much , even though I love it,” Smith says. “I get down about how hard it is. The reality of the workplace and starting at my age (53). Angela had helpful ideas. She suggested that we find a way to combine all my skills and talents.”

Pegotty Cooper, author of the recently released Divorce: Taking the High Road:  Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce, co-founded CDC Certified Divorce Coach Training® and Certification program.

“We [Worthy and CDC] both serve the same clients in different but meaningful ways, and we can leverage each other’s unique offerings to enrich the lives of women going through a divorce,” Cooper says.

To help women jumpstart their career,  Worthy has created the Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship  targeted to women 30 years and older. Eligible candidates do not need to be divorced, only attending an accredited program.

To become a Certified Divorce Coach, visit certifieddivorcecoach.com or contact Peggoty Cooper at 813-884-9511.

The next FREE “Rebooting Your Career,”  workshop will be held at the Elwood Public Library in East Northport, 1929 Jericho Tpke., East Northport,  7:30-8:30 p.m. June 12. For more information visit facebook.com/pg/worthyInc/events or worthy.com