East End Doula Care: Doing End of Life Right

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End of life doulas help people and their families transition.

Expectant mothers have been hiring doulas to help guide them through the birthing process for years, but now those preparing to die are also turning to doulas for help leaving with grace.

Through various projects and fulfilling unfinished bucket lists, doulas help complete remembrances and find ways to celebrate lives well lived. In effect, End-of-life doulas help people emotionally and spiritually find balance in an unbalanced time.

“It’s natural to feel afraid,” says Susan Capurso of East End Doula Care. “Even with friends and family around. There is a fog … We break through this.”

Capurso left the corporate world after many years to bring East End Doula Care to fruition. She warns that there are 15 million Baby Boomers over the age of 65 that have no children to help them, leaving a gap in their end-of-life care. That’s one of many situations in which doulas can assist.

“We are nonmedical however, we work alongside all of your support teams filling a very important gap,” Capurso says. “End-of-life guides button up all of your important pieces. Our ‘VIP’ project puts everything in place, from Advanced Directives to simple household bills. Organization is key, we put all of this in place during our time.”

There are many options available for families, each one personal and unique to the individual. East End Doula Care also offers Elder Care Assistance. The ultimate goal is to help the family’s home environment become more managed, stable and peaceful during this sacred transition.

“Don’t be confused, in a fog and overwhelmed as to what will happen next,” she says. “This is why we are here, we alleviate this. There are so many ways we can help your last chapter be positive, loving and so much more complete.”

At the end of the day, peace is the goal.

“Not all, but most of us learn when end of life is near, suddenly everything becomes out of control and scary,” Capurso says. “You can choose to close this last chapter feeling complete and with closure. You hold the key in determining how you’d like your journey to flow. Let us help.”

For more information on East End Doula Care, call 631-946-8100 or visit EastEndDoulaCare.com