All These 13 Cats and Dogs Want For Christmas Is You To Adopt Them

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There is a ton of gorgeous cats and dogs available for adoption right now! From young puppies and kittens to “very special” cats, if you’re in the market for a new best friend, you should have no problem finding one right here!

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Norma e1544724745798

Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue:

Norma is the sweetest kitty! With her adorable little bow, she wants nothing more than to play with humans and other cats, and to snuggle on your neck and purr. Norma is very loving and will do great in any home It’s easy to adopt Norma, simply contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665 today!

Brenda e1544724844180

Available for adoption from Second Chance Rescue:

Brenda needs our help. Not sure why, but sweet Brenda has been in boarding for 850 days! You might be thinking, “Wow, that’s a long time, she must be a bad dog.” But the truth is, Brenda is a AMAZING!

She is playful, smart, loving, and loyal. She has been let down and betrayed over and over again by humans. She’s had truly rotten luck. Still, she greets every person she meets with joy and enthusiasm. Her resilience is mind blowing.

So, why hasn’t she found a home? Brenda needs to be an only pet. That’s it. She loves humans but never learned to share her space with other animals. Her forever home needs a person who will appreciate all she has to offer and who will be satisfied with her as their one and only.

Brenda has a huge circle of rescue volunteers who are devoted to her, they visit and walk her, take her on outings, bring her presents, and every one of them will tell you…what they want most for the holidays is a loving home for Brenda. To adopt or foster Brenda, please apply at nycsecondchancerescue.orgor call Lisa: 914-469-6605.

Kali Ma e1544725014779
Kali Ma

Special Needs Request: Kali Ma is a sweet young cat who is extra special. This is because this sweet girl has an extra arm growing from the right side of her body.  Because of this, Kali Ma is having trouble walking and this is clearly very uncomfortable.

This wild major deformity is most likely due to in-breeding. Second Change Rescue is arranging transport with the shelter to get her to the hospital where she will be assessed by a team of experts to see what kind of operation would improve her quality of life. Second Change is doing everything to help her. If you wish to help too, you can donate at nycsecondchancerescue.org/donate


Available for adoption at Bideawee:

Meet Kiddo! This adorable 4-month-old kitty is a true beauty with her lovely smoke-colored coat, and precious eyes. Not to mention, she’s every bit as affectionate and charming as she is outwardly lovely. Bashful and tenderhearted, she is simply a gem. The only thing she needs is an equally lovely family to call her own. bideawee.org


Handsome and tenderhearted 4-month-old Rudy is sweet and bashful, and seeking a loving, patient home to call his own. If you offer him gentleness and love, he will offer you his heart in return. With a heart as warm as his ginger and crimson coat, he promises a lifetime of love. All he needs is a family to give him a chance! bideawee.org


Meet Nugget! She is an enthusiastic and lovely 8-month-old lady! Boasting a smooth, blonde coat, charming ears, and some of the most endearing eyes ever seen, Nugget is just wonderful! More than just her good looks, Nugget is also loving and dedicated as well.

She possesses only the finest qualities and attributes. She is seeking a family that embraces and enjoys her affectionate and playful personality, and that enjoys an active lifestyle as much as she does. Anyone who jogs, hikes, or wouldn’t mind a social stroll through the heart of town may have found their perfect match. bideawee.org


Carlos is 2 years old and as handsome as they come. He is a spirited and sweet pooch who loves to explore and play. Always on the trail for adventure and the next fun quest, Carlos can be counted upon for any expedition.

Not to mention, he is too adorable for words! Donning a fantastic tricolor coat, long ears, and short legs, he is an adorable boy! He’s also the perfect medium-sized pooch for anyone seeking a new family member that is neither too large, nor too small. All he needs is a loving home that shares in his active lifestyle! Anyone who hikes, jogs, or likes long walks has found their ideal match!  bideawee.org

For more information about adopting Kiddo, Rudy, Nugget and Carlos, please contact Bideawee adoption center located at 118 Old Country Rd., Westhampton, or call 631-684-0079.yolito

Available for adoption at Little Shelter:

Spunky and sweet, Yolito is a 1-1/2-year-old Lab mix rescued from Puerto Rico. He’s an exuberant boy who loves to cuddle and play. Yolito is always eager to please and ready to being obedience class to learn how to put his best paw forward. He loves giving kisses and is eager to start his journey as your best friend. domino

Domino is a handsome black-and-white kitty at the Little Shelter Cattery. He is a very affectionate cat who has a lot of love to give. When he knows you are his friend, he will come and sit by your feet and give a gentle mew for attention. This gentle giant has been at Little Shelter for a few years and is hoping to have a furever home for the pawlidays!

For more information about adopting Spunky and Domino, please contact Little Animal Rescue & Adoption Center at 33 Warner Rd, Huntington, 631-368-8770.


Available for adoption at the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter:

Gerald is a very handsome boy with some very interesting quirks. He sometimes snorts when hes really happy and loves to sit in your lap. He definitely likes being the only cat around, as he doesn’t like to share the love, but he does have a lot of love in his heart. He enjoys treats and being cuddled, and needs to be by your side. 


Nadia is a beautiful tabby kitten available at Town of Huntington Cat Shelter. She is a very sweet kitty, but takes time to warm up to new people and places. She loves getting treats and having another cat to play with. She’s a sweet girl who is looking for her special someone to love her.

For more information about adopting Gerald and Nadia, please contact the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter located at 104 Deposit Rd, East Northport, 631-651-9788. 


Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter:

Everyone loves Dante! This 9-yea-old boy is 124 pounds of cuteness! Dante came to the shelter after his owner was evicted and had nowhere else for Dante to go. Dante came to the shelter with his son King Kong, and his “girlfriend,” Layla.

All three dogs were once very loved so it’s sad to see them in a shelter setting now. Dante is said to like children and small dogs. He is calm, sweet, friendly and would truly make a great addition to almost any home. 

If you are interested in learning more about Dante,please call 516-785-5220 or email [email protected] Best yet, head down for a visit at 3320 Beltagh Ave, Wantagh. 


Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America:

Fredo (R166245) is a young male cat who was locally rescued from a difficult life, but thankfully he is now adjusting to all the helpful people at North Shore Animal League America.  He’s particularly fond of ear rubs and is seeking a quiet home to call his own with an experienced, confident cat owner.  If there are children in the home, it’s best if they’re 12 or above.  For more info about adopting Fredo, please email [email protected] 

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!