7 Surprising Statistics About Long Island

Long Island

From the geography of Long Island to the population that lives on it, this strip of sand we call home has generated some interesting statistics over the years. Here are seven.

7. When including Brooklyn and Queens, the Island is home to roughly 7.5 million people.crowded beachThat outnumbers the populations of both Ireland and Jamaica!

6. Long Island has 125 public school districts and more than 650 schools. school busThere are roughly 476,000 students and about 36,000 teachers at schools on the Island.

5. Long Island is 23 miles wide and 118 miles long at its most distant points.

The City of Long Beach is among Long Islands most popular oceanfronts come summer.
The City of Long Beach is among Long Island’s most popular oceanfronts come summer.

The Island’s shoreline extends an estimated 1,600 miles.

4. Long Island’s municipalities include 95 different villages.

Huntington Bay village hall.

In Nassau County alone, there are a whopping 64 incorporated villages.

3. Minorities now make up over a third of the population. image4As of 2018, 35 percent of residents identify as black, Asian, or Hispanic. The growing population of minorities has increased more than 10 percent in the last two decades.

2. Four barrier islands protect Long Island from the Ocean.

Fire Island map
This map shows where Fire Island is compared to greater Long Island.

Long Beach, Fire Island, Jones Beach, and Westhampton Beach make up the barrier beaches that spare the South Shore from the Atlantic Ocean.

1. Long Island is home to more than a third of the total population of New York State.crowdThere are nearly 3 million people living in Nassau and Suffolk, but when the residents of Queens and Brooklyn are included, the Island’s total population is more than 7 million.