Summers at North Shore Towers and Country Club Are Just Like Being at Camp


North Shore Towers and Country Club offers its residents and members fun activities all year round, but summer there is just like being at camp.

It offers an 18-hole golf course, five Har-Tru tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, steam rooms, a hot tub, a state-of-the-art gym offering classes including Pilates, and many other activities, according to Linda Rappaport, an onsite broker at North Shore Towers and Country Club.

There are basketball, boxing, and billiards rooms, ping-pong, and shuffleboard also, she adds. In addition, there are barbecues, a garden club, and many concerts, she notes, pointing as an example to a recent performance by That Motown Band.

The club puts on a lot of parties and offers classes that include boxing and Pilates Reformer, a special exercise machine that’s “good for stretching your body,” says Mary Anne Langone, country club general manager. 

“A lot of our golfers take the Reformer class because it helps with their flexibility,” she adds.

One new and increasingly popular activity being offered on a brand new court at North Shore Towers is pickleball. A combination of badminton, table tennis and tennis, pickleball is typically played by two or four players who use paddles to hit a Wiffle-like ball over a net. It’s fast-paced, low-impact and anyone who’s played a racket sport before can quickly get the hang of it. And because the court is small (it can fit into half or even a third of a typical tennis court) and doubles games are standard, players hardly ever have to run like they would while playing tennis. The smaller court also means less wear and tear on one’s knees, hips and ankles. For folks who have problems with these joints but still want to play a racket sport to be active, pickleball is clearly a great choice.

“It’s a perfect sport for our demographic age level,” says Terry Feit, who’s been a resident of North Shore Towers for six years and is a member of its Men’s Club. “It’s probably the fastest-growing sport in the country.”

Feit played pickleball for the first time in Florida, he said. “I loved it when I played it and I thought it would be great for here,” he noted, adding: “We want as many players as we can get – both men and women.”

The North Shore Towers Men’s Club, meanwhile, is “constantly looking to do new things,” he said, noting that its many activities include trips to local places of interest, such as the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center in Glen Cove. The Men’s Club, which costs $65 a year to join, now has 165 members and is always looking for more North Shore Towers residents to join, according to Arnold Rabinowitz, its president.

The North Shore Towers Women’s Club, meanwhile, has grown to about 320 members this year from just 40 people when it was first started about five years ago by Roberta Gould, its president, who says she’s been a resident of North Shore Towers about 24 years. 

“It’s one of the most wonderful places to live,” she says. “The people are very friendly. There’s so many events and so many things going on.” 

One of the things that Gloria Beck, a vice president of the Women’s Club, likes most at North Shore is its Cinema Club, she says, noting participants see films playing at the North Shore Tower’s on-premise movie theater and then, once a month, meet up to analyze and discuss them. 

The Cinema Club was started about a year ago and usually attracts about 50 people to analyze movies, although there have been as many as 90 who’ve turned out, depending on the film, according to Vicki Mazel, a North Shore Towers resident for about five years, who leads the group. In addition to the positives of seeing the films and talking about them, “We’re really trying to generate interest in our theater – we don’t want to lose it,” she says.

The Women’s Club is always looking for more members, Beck says, noting there’s a $25 annual fee to join. That fee’s well worth it when you consider the many activities and events that it holds each year.

When it comes to tennis, golf, and luxury living, North Shore Towers and Country Club has long been offering what Langone calls “the best deal in town.” And, during the summer, that deal just gets even better.

For more Country Club details and to book a tour, call Mary Anne Langone at 718-428-5030 ext. 0.