Nancy Marx Wellness Center Helps Survivors Overcome

Randy Hight runs the Nancy Marx Cancer Wellness Center.

The Nancy Marx Cancer Wellness Center at the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center in East Hills has been aiding those suffering from cancer since 2005.  

The subject of cancer is a delicate topic, but the center’s staff goes to lengths to ensure people have the proper mental and physical resources needed.

“We try to reduce as many barriers as we can,” says Randy Hight, the center’s director. “It’s the main reason why so many of our programs and opportunities involve no cost, so that anyone who needs help can receive it.”

Most of the programs the center offers to the public are free, such as writing and meditation classes, individual counseling, tailored discussion groups, and various exercise classes. It also provides services such as informational referrals and child care options, to keep the focus on combating cancer.

“Cancer is a challenging disease,” Hight says. “With the support of a collective community and dedicated staff, there should always be reasons for people to have hope.”

Hight, a certified oncology social worker, helps survivors and their families by collaborating with medical professionals and other social workers to ensure that referrals and programs provide people with the best solution. 

“Each family is unique in their own way,” she says. “Just because two people have the same diagnosis does not mean that their situations are parallel. People cope and react to information very differently.”

Word has spread, so that she sees people, Jewish or not, come from across New York State. 

“Depending on what somebody’s current state of cancer is,” Hight says, “I can make referrals to specific facilities closer to them, or ones that may be further, but can more effectively bring them into a state of remission. It’s something we pride ourselves on. Constant contact before, during, and after the process makes it less scary for them, and is more reassuring for us as well.”

Nancy Marx Cancer Wellness Center will hold its  Stronger Than Cancer 5K fundraiser at the Sid Jacobson JCC at 300 Forest Dr. in East Hills. For more information, visit sjjcc.org. The run starts at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 13.