16 Cats, Dogs, Ready To Start The New Year With You

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Why not start the new year off right by opening your heart and home to a new dog or cat?

There are plenty of adorable animals available for adoption that would love nothing more than to make your home their forever home, so head down to your local shelter or rescue and scoop up one of these cuties today! 

Available for adoption through Pioneers for Animals Welfare Society:


Sweet sisters Tink and Jane are very active kitties who love to romp around and play. Tink is a little more outgoing. Her sister is a bit on the shy side but curious. They are roughly 12 weeks old and are definitely ready to find their forever home. Could that home be yours?


Sally is the gal with the adorable black and white face. If Sally could talk, she would tell you that all she really wants is a home of her own where she can lay on her back and sunbathe all day. She also enjoys frolicking in her water dish. At just 4 ½ months old, she has plenty of love to give. Can you open your heart and home to Sally?


For more information about adopting Tink, Jane and Sally, please contact adoptions@paws-li.org or call 631-306-4616. 

Available for adoption through For Our Friends Dog Rescue:

Casper 1

This adorably mushy face belongs to Casper. This 2-year-old disabled Canaan dog has it all. He’s good with dogs, cats, and kids over the age of 8. This handsome boy is just a darling, and ready to go home with you today, so don’t wait, email fofdogrescue@yahoo.com or call 917-864-2443 today!

Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue:

Sammy 1

Meet Sammy! Believe it or not, Sammy is actually an orange girl! It’s very rare but that’s what makes this little lady so special. Sammy tends to be on the shyer side when other cats are around, but once she is approached by a person she starts purrring and doesn’t stop! If you and your new orange lady cat want to be the talk of the town, please contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at almosthomeli.org or call 631-627-3665 for more today! 

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America:


When Havana (adoption #H209956) first arrived at NSALA’s Adoption Center, she had reservations about humans, but just a little time in the loving arms of a foster family helped this reticent kitten rethink her first impressions. Havana is now ready to become a member of a permanent family. A calm household with children 8 and up in age (plus plenty of chin rubs) will help complete her transition into a cherished member of your family. 


One-year old Lana (adoption #BF2900) may not be the most outgoing personality in her room but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover a lovely tabby girl hoping you’ll give her a chance at forever happiness. Lana’s dream home is one with children 12 and up in age to gently ease her into her very first family. Sometimes the quiet ones are the ones who are listening with their hearts, so with an open mind and open heart, head down to NSALA and spend a little time with Lana today. 

Kaos and Karma
Kaos and Karma

**Double Adoption – must go home together** When Kaos (adoption #H208125) and Karma (adoption #H208126) lost their home recently, they clung to each other as they settled into NSALA’s Adoption Center. In a very short time, their frowns turned up-side down. Stop in for a visit where you’ll find this dynamic duo snuggling together in NSALA’s cage-free Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Let’s help these 3-year-old boys forget any sadness they may have had and help show them true happiness as they’re welcomed back into a loving home.

Schnookie and Racetrac
Schnookie and Racetrac

**Double Adoption – must go home together** Before Schnookie (adoption # SPC216) and Racetrac (adoption #SPC217)’s beloved human passed away, she made provisions for their care through NSALA’s Safe Haven program. Now, although these bonded fellas are unsure of the changes in their lives, they are responding well to the love and care staff and volunteers are giving them. Schnookie is a cautious 12-year-old who is gingerly taking in his new situation but warms up with silver vine and cat nip toys. Seven-year-old Racetrac is quicker to encounter new friends, and delighted when they have love and cuddles waiting for him. There may be no better way to fill your heart with love than to offer a piece of it to these wonderful guys.

Ashley 1

Adorable Ashley (adoption # R166702) comes all the way from a wonderful NSALA rescue partner in South Carolina. With whiskers for days and ears that never say no to ear rubs, this sweet 1-year-old girl only needs a moment with you to help you discover your soulmate. Ashley is FIV+ and is being treated for allergies through her diet (which she gobbles up with gusto!). Staff and volunteers anticipate this gorgeous, dilute calico friend will be delighting a new family soon. Will it be yours?

For more information about adopting Havana, Lana, Kaos, Karma, Schnookie, Racetrac, and Ashley, please contact DoritS@animalleague.org

Available for adoption through Pets4Luv:Sonny and Cher

They say they’re young and they don’t know, and won’t find out until they grow, but Sonny (about 5-6 months old) and Cher (about a year old) already know they want their own forever home to grow old in. Cher is a quiet gal and Sonny takes a little time to warm up, but once they know they can trust you they’ll be your friend for life. Sonny and Cher were trapped from a dangerous situation and were going to a farm but turned out to show signs of socialization which means they are ready for adoption. This dynamic duo can be adopted or fostered together or separate. Please contact Dave at info@pets4luv.org or 516-832-8200.

Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue:


How about adopting a Last Hope “Spice Litter” kitten?! Mint and his sister Rosemary are both Last Hope “Spice” tabby kittens rescued when they were just 8 weeks old in Hempstead. Their 2 littermates, Basil and Sage, have been adopted and now it’s their turn.  The “Spice” Kittens are now 4 months old, fabulously friendly, and beautifully marked. Mint is meant for you. He greets you as if you’ve been his BFF for years. His sister Rosemary is a “Tom Boy Beauty Queen” and a riot in her own right. She’s a cat combo of girly-girl kitten with her perpetual eye liner pooling in the corner of her eye and tabby tomboy because she is always on the go playing with her siblings and toys. Mint and Rosemary do not have to be adopted together but it would be a great way to start the New Year. Meet the “Spice Kittens” at Last Hope Cat Adoption Center in Wantagh today! 


For information about adopting Mint and Rosemary, please contact Last Hope Animal Rescue at lasthopeanimalrescue.org

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!