5 New Products To Help You on Your Wellness Journey

Tension Releazzzer
Tension Releazzzer

A chiropractor conjured up Tension Releazzzer™, a massage machine that mimics a strong thumb right in the back of your neck to release headache-causing tension. It gives a deep therapeutic massage to the neck base muscles and to restore flow in the surrounding vessels and nerves. The product has two strategically placed hypoallergenic knobs on its base. $45 at tensionreleazzzer.com

image002 1 1 e1579270626659IMPOSSIBLE YOGURT
For those looking to cut out dairy, low-sugar yogurt maker siggi’s recently rolled out its new plant-based alternative recipe boasting three times more protein and 40 percent less sugar. Made with a blend of coconut, macadamia, and pea protein, this thick and creamy not-yogurt comes in flavors such as vanilla cinnamon, mixed berries, raspberry, and mango. Available at local supermarkets or siggis.com

Kafina EnergyKafina Organic Energy Elixir, an herbal supplement, promises to boost performance and mood while deriving its energy and well-being benefits from its plant-based ingredients instead of caffeine. $25. kafinaenergy.com 

Combat information overload with a host of organizational gear from NoteTower. Innovative ideas include a computer monitor mount, desktop organizer, and dry erase magnetic board, all of which are designed to keep loose notes, flyers, photos, invites, and other papers in one easy-to-find place. $15.99-$24.99. Notetower.com

No room in your home for the exercise equipment you want to help you get in shape? The DB Method is a small multi workout machine that’s small enough to stow away when not in use. It can be used to work arms, abs, obliques, and chest, and to do squats. $229. the dbmethod.com