The Little Mermaid Takes The Argyle Theatre at Babylon Village Under The Sea

The Little Mermaid takes the stage at Argyle Theatre at Babylon Village

The Argyle Theatre at Babylon Village is taking Long Island theatergoers “under the sea” for one more week with the classic Broadway musical, Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

The enchanted tale of a beautiful, brave mermaid who longs to explore life on land is an absolute must-see. Under the creative leadership of Argyle’s artistic director, Evan Pappas, The Little Mermaid sweeps audiences up in one wave, beginning with mesmerizing ocean sounds breezing through the theatre minutes before both vibrant sea and land-life take the audience by storm, quite literally. With brilliantly designed costumes and choreography, a super creative set, awesome props, intricate lighting and sound details, and a dynamic, talented cast, one would think the real Disney story has come to life in the most magical place on earth, except in this story, the magic is all on Argyle’s stage. An especially “hot crustacean [pit] band” is underneath and fills the theatre with a captivating instrumental performance.

Princess Ariel, played by Kimberly Immanuel, embodies the heart, soul, talent and beauty of the teenaged princess who dreams of becoming human, and live with the charming Prince Eric, played by the dashingly talented, Jeff Sullivan. Immanuel sings Part of Your World with a voice that is both sweet and strong, full of conviction with a hint of a dream about to come true. Her transformation on stage from mermaid to human is pure genius thanks to costume designer, Kurt Alger, whose designs are all exquisitely constructed to reflect each character’s unique personalities.  

Ariel’s father King Triton is played with royal perfection by Warren Nolan Jr. He truly personifies your average, protective father and majestic ruler. Under the Sea is a blast, performed by the fiery red crustacean, Sebastian, played by Ryan Gregory Thurman. Such fun and fancy fin-work graces the stage in this scene and more, thanks to an eclectic choreography arrangement by choreographer Tara Jeanne Valle. 

Courtney Balan’s performance as the evil Ursula singing Poor Unfortunate Soul, accompanied by Flotsam and Jetsam, her evil sidekicks on skates, was super powerful. Ariel’s faithful friends, Flounder, played by Matthew Rafanelli and Scuttle, played by Michael Valvo, brought that fantastic, fun-loving energy we’ve all come to adore from a Disney Classic. 

Several of The Little Mermaid’s cast and crew are returnees, a true testament to the specialness of the Argyle family, started by father-son duo, Mark and Dylan Perlman. Argyle’s frequent theatergoers, too, have come to look forward to and appreciate the exceptional talent and heart that is displayed at each of Argyle’s productions.

Argyle Theatre, 34 West Main St., Babylon. argyletheatre.com, 844-631-5483. Disney’s The Little Mermaid tickets $35-$74 Through February 23.