Splashes Of Hope Uplifts Sick Patients

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Splashes of Hope volunteers paint a mural.

Splashes of Hope incorporates visual art into the lives of people across the country suffering from disease and illness.

The Huntington-based nonprofit was established in 1996 as a way to comfort patients during their respective treatment, healing, and recovery by providing a soothing and uplifting visual focus. Custom artwork is designed by various volunteer artists, and each piece showcases a personal touch.

“It’s such a privilege to be part of a company that brings so much palpable joy into people’s lives when they need it the most,” says Splash Ambassador Marsha Honovich. “I will always be grateful for the experiences I’ve had and will continue to have working here.”

The work that the organization does has spread to more than 40 states across America. More recently, hospitals in France, Italy, and Ukraine have headlined Splashes of Hope’s international presence.

“Most everyone knows someone else that is in need of a spiritual uplifting,” Honovich says. “The work we do is able to provide that for them.”

Paintings are done with plenty of thought and preparation behind them. After a hospital reaches out expressing the desire for a mural to be commissioned, the first step is the site visit. Professional artists visit the site to measure and assess the designated areas to be “splashed,” determining if painting can be done on removable panels or if the space itself can be painted on.  

Discussions between the artists and medical professionals involve the determination of the appropriate theme, color schemes, and tailored elements to coincide with the clients’ therapeutic distractions.

A cost-estimate proposal is the next step before painting begins. The proposal is generated by the Splashes of Hope office and submitted for approval to the painting facility. This outlines all the information collected during the site visit, as well as costs for the painting.

Once the facility has the necessary amount of funds in place, a deposit is required to begin the creative aspect. If a project does not have the correct amount of funds, the office will work with the facility to seek a possible sponsor for the project.

From there, the artists will commence painting the mural, applying many layers of protection to the surface. Once it is completed, the mural is on display for people to see, providing an appeasing and stimulating visual piece of work.

“Our volunteer artists are extremely dedicated and do an impeccable job of creating artwork,” Honovich says. “Not many organizations can accomplish what ours does. It’s not a competition, but more of a testament to how dedicated these employees are, and how much we wish to brighten someone else’s world.”