Top 10 Kid-Friendly Food Subscriptions


If you’re running out of appetizing ideas to whip up for meals or trying to teach your kids some culinary skills during these times, you are not alone.

These family-friendly companies are here to help you with kid-friendly food subscriptions.

Whether you have a newborn looking for healthy options or older children who want to control the kitchen, this list will make mealtime a little easier and more fun.

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Little Spoon

Little Spoon is a baby food based company that serves to promote the health of your young one. They provide quality nutrition through their various options of fresh organic baby food, natural remedies and vitamins. Their featured baby blends contain over 100 organic ingredients, catered to be perfect for your child’s first bite and beyond. There are more than 100 flavors that can be selected on their rotating menu. The vitamins and natural remedies are made to build stronger immune systems and get your child ahead. If you choose to subscribe to their service, finding the perfect products for your child will be easy. Take an introductory quiz indicating allergies your child may have and their favorite foods, and Little Spoon will create a suggested meal plan. Once subscribed, you have the ability to control what will come in your monthly deliveries.

Pricing: Three meal plans available (1 meal per day, 2 meals per day, 3 meals per day), dependent on location in combination with the meal plan. Check their website for a specific quote. 


This company is here to take the stress off of mealtime prep for you and your family. First, you can choose from three different meals plans, depending on how many meals you would like per week. Your family can choose from their weekly menu, even with curated boxes to make your life even easier! Then, your order is delivered fresh right to your doorstep in sustainable packaging. Additionally, activities are in the box to connect family members during mealtimes. Most importantly, the food comes fully cooked. Put it in the microwave and you and your kids are set for any meal of the day. 

Pricing: 6 meals per week ($7.99/meal), 8 meals per week ($6.99/meal), 12 meals per week ($5.99/meal), free shipping


Yumi features various products for a wide age range for younger children. They highlight four different stages that target specific ages. Stage 1 is their smooth single-ingredient purees for four to six-month-old children. The second stage is a series of smooth multi-ingredient purees catered for children seven months and older. Stage 3 has multi-ingredient purees containing seeds or grains for children nine months and older. In the last stage, the food contains a chunky mix of multiple ingredients for kids ten months and older. All of their products incorporate fresh, organic ingredients, as well as vitamins to promote brain development. 

Pricing: 1 meal a day ($4.30/meal or $35/week), 2 meals a day ($4.06/meal or $65/week), 3 meals a day ($3.75/meal or $90/week), free shipping

See the full list at NewYorkFamily.com

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