Adopt a Rescued Animal From a Long Island Shelter


Often times the actual birthday of a rescued animal is unknown but grab your party hats because thanks to North Shore Animal League America, Aug. 1 has been declared the universal birthday of rescue dogs (and those in shelters awaiting their forever homes)!   Don’t have a dog to celebrate with? Head down to your local shelter/rescue and bring one home today (P.S. Cats like to celebrate too … probably minus the hat).

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

AnyConv.com Nazir

**Senior Alert and Special Request** Say hello to Nazir! This handsome sweet boy is 13 1/2 years old and came to the shelter as an owner surrender. He came in twice as a stray in a very short amount of time, and ultimately, the owner wasn’t able to reclaim him. Nazir is friendly with people and friendly with dogs and is super affectionate and chill. He would make an amazing companion in most homes! If you love seniors, or you love Rotties, or you love senior Rotties, this dude is for you! For more information, call 516-785-5220 or email [email protected].

Available for adoption at Allykatz

AnyConv.com Nacho

Are you a nacho lover? Well, we have the perfect cuddly nacho for you. Nacho is a 2-year-old, sweet and loving kittie. He is good with other cats and would make a great addition to your family. He is FIV+ but don’t let that stop you from adopting him. FIV+ cats can be with other cats and can live long healthy lives. Give this sweetheart a chance.

AnyConv.com gary

**Senior Alert** If you love big cats, at 17 pounds, Gary is your man. This poor boy finds himself alone and homeless as a senior citizen. He is 11 years old and toothless so he needs soft food. Gary doesn’t like other cats or dogs, but get this — he loves bunnies and guinea pigs. Get your applications in for this big boy today!

AnyConv.com Cleopatra

Cleo is an Egyptian Queen in search of her castle. This 2-year-old beauty would prefer to be the only pet in the household.

AnyConv.com Sage and Clove
Sage and Clove

What’s more fun than a 12-week-old kitten? Why of course, two 12-week-old kittens! Sage and Clove are bonded kittens that must be adopted together. They are playful and energetic and will keep you entertained with their antics. If you would like two tiny furballs to purr on your lap, consider adopting Clove and Sage.

AnyConv.com Gracie

Gracie has endured more hardship in her young life than anyone should have to in a long life. Gracie was pregnant when she was rescued from the street, giving birth shortly thereafter. Due to complications, she lost all her babies. Though she had a rough start in life, 1-year-old Gracie is still sweet and loving once she gets to know you. Please consider giving Gracie the life of a spoiled pet and help her forget her terrible first year.

For more information about adopting Allykatz cuties, visit alleykattz.org.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

**Reminder** North Shore Animal League America is waiving all feline adoption fees (for cats & kittens) for approved adopters continuing through the end of July.

Rosie 1

Two-year-old Mama Rosie (Adoption #L80613) was found pregnant and wandering the local streets by a hero who promised her the rest of her life would be far safer than how it started. This stunning dilute tortie is a lucky mama indeed because she got to care for her kittens in the safety of our nursery before moving to a comfortable place to wait for a family to discover her. It’s hard to believe this young lady was a mama cat; she’s such a kitten herself! Rosie would do best in a peaceful home (one with children age six and older) where she can be the only pet and fully relish her newfound bliss.

AnyConv.com Blaquee

Four-year-old Blaquee (Adoption #H208247) recently lost his home and is seeking a fresh start. This devoted best friend wants to make a lasting impression upon you. You’ll find him belly up and bunny paws out waiting to receive a good, long chin scratch from you. Blaquee is used to being the solo pet in his home, so he’s looking for the kind of home that offers the peace and quiet of being the only furry friend. A quiet household (with children age eight and above) will give him the welcome he needs to settle in for success. He’ll be endlessly grateful and devoted to the one who chooses to make him part of the family!

AnyConv.com Batman

Batman (Adoption# H208970) is seeking a superhero to rescue him. This sweet four-year-old tabby recently lost his home and would love to find a peaceful one to replace it. He’s not terribly interested in caped-crusades, preferring cozy naps near trusted friends. Batman is successfully being treated for FLUTD, a covered medical condition through NSALA’s Pet Health Centers. A quiet, predictable routine will soothe his worried brow and you’ll get to share the legend of how you rescued each other when you needed it most.

AnyConv.com Costello

Costello (Adoption #H204188) fell upon some hard times when he fell ill recently. NSALA vets took great care of him and created a simple plan to restore him back to good health after being diagnosed with FLUTD. Losing the only home he’s ever known was a fresh obstacle for him to hurdle past, but this endearing eight-year-old gentleman takes comfort in making new friends and getting all the scratches he craves. His soft fur is just beckoning you to pet him! Costello is quietly waiting for an introduction to his next hero; could that be you?


When six-year-old Sport (Adoption #G26343) was diagnosed with FLUTD, he lost his home but found new friends to rely upon at Animal League America. Now that their vets have put a great plan into action, he’s already feeling a lot better physically. His spirits have begun to rise as well as he receives lots of loving attention from his caring fans. After all the changes he’s been through recently, we’re not surprised to find Sport needing a little time to warm up to new situations, but NSALA is predicting this team player is going to be the MVP of his new family once he’s given the time he needs to settle into your home.

AnyConv.com Gary Pepper
Gary Pepper

Garry Pepper (Adoption #BF3722) has a style all his own. This distinguished six-year-old FIV+ tuxedo looks elegant at any social gathering but prefers intimate ones where your hands are at his disposal for frequent ear rubs. Gary is very grateful for the opportunity to live the rest of his life indoors as the only pet where he will be safe forever. Locally rescued, he knows he’s in the best hands and looks forward to chatting with you more about how lucky he feels to be chosen by you.

AnyConv.com Josie

When NSALA’s rescue team was notified of a tabby damsel in distress, they quickly delivered her to safety. Six-year-old Josie has a lot to adjust to after the hardship of losing her home, but time and patience are our specialties at Animal League America. Josie is looking for a human with a heart bursting with love who will provide her the safety she craves and the time she needs to reacclimatize to home living. A cat-experienced home (with children ages six and above, with no other pets) will have this timid beauty craving even more attention.

Reach out to [email protected] for more about adopting NSALA’s adorable adoptables!

Available for adoption through PAWS


Meet Oliver! This beautiful ginger tabby needs rehoming. Oliver is a 4 1/2-year-old neutered male cat whose owner is a senior citizen unable to manage Oliver at this time. This cutie is shy but very friendly once he warms up. He does well with other cats, is very sweet, and loves head rubs.


Rambo is an 8-year-old, neutered male black lab/shepherd mix who has found himself in need of a new home. He gets along and plays well with other dogs, big and small. It is unknown how he is with cats. He is very complacent and keeps to himself. He’s the type of dog who will happily greet you with his big, beautiful, brown eyes when you come home and then go somewhere to settle down. He is more of a couch potato than an active dog but enjoys long walks and walks well on a short leash. He needs love and affection and loves belly rubs!

If you are interested in adopting Oliver or Rambo, please contact [email protected] or call go to our FB page or call 631-306-4616.

Available for adoption at All About Spay Neuter

Franklin is a 4-year-old, rather handsome fella who recently lost his home.  He is very affectionate, but he is having trouble adjusting to life in the shelter and he would love to be back in a home with a loving family.  If you are interested in meeting Franklin, please contact Alicia at 516-984-4525.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Smithtown Kittens
Smithtown kittens

Kitten season is here! The Smithtown Animal Shelter’s Pets of the Week are all of our lovely kittens.

The Animal Shelter has several kittens available for adoption, ranging in age from ten weeks old to sixteen weeks old. These adorable little beauties are very friendly and playful, and they would love nothing more than to grow up in a loving furrever home. All kittens adopted from us are spay/neutered, parasite tested, microchipped, tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, and started on their kitten vaccine series.   All of the felines at the Shelter are current on vaccines and have received a full workup (blood work, Feline HIV & Leukemia tested, physical exam, etc.) by a board-certified Veterinarian.

For more information about adopting these super cute kitties, please call 631-360-7575 today for more information today!

As always, thanks for reading, and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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