College Majors That Could Lead to High-paying Jobs

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Choosing a major is an important decision that many students delay making until their sophomore or even junior years. Only after taking a few courses and uncovering one’s interests do some college students figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Each student is different, and while some may pursue a degree based on a particular passion, others may choose majors that can lead to high-paying jobs.

While some men lean toward majors like engineering and computer science that have traditionally been linked to high earnings, women have historically gravitated to lower-paying specialties such as education and social sciences. But in recent years a shift has occurred, and more women are choosing college majors associated with higher post-graduate salaries.

Reports from the career guidance site Glassdoor analyzed how much male and female professionals with the same college degree earned and identified many instances in which women went on to earn more than men in the first five years of their career. The reports identified several majors where female college graduates can earn as much or more than their male counterparts and find successful careers.

  • Architecture

  • Pharmaceutical sciences

  • Information sciences

  • Chemical engineering

  • Computer science

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Computer engineering

  • Business economics

  • Civil engineering

  • Sports management

Despite these findings, the college resource website CollegeFactual and the U.S. Department of Education say that women remain likely to pursue education, design and applied arts, health services, and social work as career options.

Female students unsure of which major they want to pursue can take career assessments to help narrow their options. Working with mentors or engaging in internships also can present a firsthand idea of high-paying career paths. 

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