Adopt, Don’t Shop, This Holiday Season, and Remember: Pets Are a Commitment


Santa called the Long Island Press to remind everyone that if someone you know is asking for a pet this holiday season, please remember to adopt, not shop, for that special someone. Please also remember that a pet is a furever commitment, so be sure to choose a new best friend wisely.

Here’s a list of adorable cats, kittens, and pooches who would love to spend the holidays with their new forever family!

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


Sweet Lily Rose came to the shelter as a stray back in September 2021 and she’s now ready for adoption! She’s about 6 years old and very sweet. She loves to play and run around the yard and adores a good game of fetch. She’s a big girl weighing in at 76 pounds and is on the search for a home with kids 13 and up. Lily Rose is under-socialized with dogs and will need a solo dog home for now and will need some work meeting dogs on leash.

If you are interested in learning more about Lily Rose, please contact the shelter’s placement team at 516-785-5220 or by emailing them at [email protected].

Available for adoption at Tender Loving Cats


Dash and her sister Dot are the sweetest kitties with their beautiful tabby and white coats. They are both extremely affectionate and love to receive attention. These 1-year-old gals are so cuddly and great with children and other cats. Dash and Dot truly enjoy each other’s company and make a very fun pair!

To meet Dash and/or Dot, complete and adoption application at tenderlovingcats.org.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Linx is a very handsome German Shepherd who is estimated to be around 2-to-3 years old. He was brought to the Animal Shelter as a stray and was sadly never claimed. Linx is sweet, loyal, friendly, full of energy, and well-mannered. He loves to learn and loves to play! Any potential adopters should have experience with the German Shepherd breed. Linx would do best in an adult-only home where he is the sole pet, and a home that can offer him the physical and mental stimulation he needs to live a happy life.

If you are interested in meeting Whisper, please call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption through AlleyKatz Rescue

AlleyKatz Rescue has a ton of adorable cats that would love to go home with you today.

Frannie and Faith

Frannie and Faith are super curious, playful, and gentle 6-month old kittens who are good with other cats and children over 10. Faith can be a bit shy but gains confidence when Frannie is nearby.


Tux is a beautiful, long-haired, black and white cat who is friendly and rather talkative. He loves to be pet and is looking for his purrfect human.


Scarlett is a beautiful and petite 1.5-year-old girl who can be a bit shy and would love another cat friend with proper introduction. She loves toys and is ok with older children.


Olive and Sam are 14-week-old bonded kittens who love to snuggle as much as they love kisses!


Ruby would do well by herself or with another cat with proper introduction. She is shy but playful and may do well with a canine pal (who won’t chase her.)

To adopt any of these purrfectly fabulous felines, please fill out application at alleykattz.org or email [email protected].

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

Owen Hunt

Owen (Adoption #BF3725) is outstanding! When he first arrived in need of NSALA’s help, they were happy to offer him a fresh start, including a medical plan for his irritable bowel disease which is covered at cost through their Pet Health Centers. He’s rewarded their work by offering his heart fully to everyone who greets him. You’re not going to find a more grateful lap cat than this wonderful five-year-old sweetheart. Owen may have left behind his rocky start to life, but he’s always going to remember the loving friends who created his second chance. Want to be part of the team of heroes Owen loves? Ask about offering him your lap and see how quickly he makes a hero out of you.

Dasani and Aquafina

**DOUBLE ADOPTION** The NSALA team has been working hard to gain the trust of these two seven-month-old kittens who arrived via a local rescue with a lot of opinions about human hands. They’re happy (and proud) to share that Dasani (Adoption #BF3808) and Aquafina are ready to find their forever home. A little patience and experience with fearful kittens in a predictable household (with children age 12 and up) is a recipe for success. Dasani is actually quite proud of her turnaround. You’ll find her welcoming lap time and ear rubs when she’s not preoccupied playing with her enthusiastic sister. Aquafina isn’t quite as confident as Dasani just yet, but she opens up with treats and playtime. Nothing makes her happier than chasing toy mice and feathers!


Little Liliana (Adoption #BF3819) is feeling pretty perky these days thanks to the loving care she’s received since a dramatic rescue. Her rough start to life is a distant memory now this one-eyed beauty expectantly waits to greet visitors. Three-year-old Liliana can still be slightly apprehensive about human hands, but she loves to play which is going to lead to a deep friendship with this enthusiastic feather hunter. A home with a confident cat to show her the way will be key to her happiness, and a predictable one (with children over age 8) will reinforce all she has learned from her Animal League America family.

Eunice and Gladys

**DOUBLE ADOPTION** Five-month-olds Eunice (Adoption #H211129) and Gladys (Adoption #H211130) may have big teddy bear eyes, but they could uses a tender touch to smooth out the fear they carry from a rough start outdoors. You’ll find treats and ear rubs go a long way in landing Gladys a spot in your lap, while Eunice will need just a little more encouragement. A quiet home with older children is exactly the consistent environment these bonded sisters need to thrive. Wouldn’t you love to scoop up a pair of bear cubs and nurture them furever?

Missy Elliot and WuTang

**DOUBLE ADOPTION** Three-year-old Missy Elliot (Adoption #H211419) and 4-year-old Wu Tang (Adoption #R163885) haven’t missed a beat since they arrived at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Usually when cats lose their homes, they need time to adjust. Not these two lovers! As long as they have each other, they’re ready to conquer new hearts. Are they worth it? You bet they are. Come down and meet the easiest decisions you’ve ever made!


One-year-old Bianca (Adoption #H211431) may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the great big world but time in a quiet space in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center is helping this beautiful mini-panther feel safe for the first time in her life. You’ll find ear rubs are a satisfying bridge to winning her heart. A calm, predictable household (with children age six and older) is key for her success in what will most likely be her first true home. Want an easy way to become a hero? Welcome Bianca into your heart and watch the magic begin!


Don’t let the winter doldrums take over your home. Invite 6-month-old Lane (Adoption #SCR3316) over to liven things up! This southern rescue has taken Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center by storm, determined to make friends with all his visitors. Lane has enough energy for a household of cats, so he’s the only one you’ll need to entertain the family. Because he has lots of energy to spare, we’re looking for a home (with kids over age eight) who can handle the excitement. If Lane sounds like the fun you’ve been seeking, come visit this catten (not quite a kitten, not yet a full-grown cat) at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center (open daily and no appointment necessary!)


Seven-month-old Eclipse (Adoption #SCR3317) may seem a little cautious at first, but that’s just because he’s had a lot to absorb since he arrived from an overcrowded municipal shelter in South Carolina. A gentle hand and some sweet talk will initiate a total takeover of his heart. You’ll find your new best friend, grateful to put his shelter days behind him.

If you’d like to meet or adopt any one of these adorable adoptables, please email [email protected] for more information or come down for a visit at their Port Washington campus.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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